Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


13. Flash and Giggles

Chloe's POV

Since we were in a hidden corner and Chelsea and the others had probably gone somewhere else and no one else was inside, I thought I would take the chance to kiss Luke. I put my hands gently behind his head and pulled his head down slowly to mine while I was on my tippy toes, and pressed my lips to Luke's, he kissed me back straight away and we were probably doing that for a minute and a half until I heard a flash go off and giggles.


Luke and I looked at each other before peering around the corner and seeing Calum and Chelsea sprinting down the building to get out of our sight so they wouldn't get caught.

"What should we do?" I asked.

"Just leave them I can't be stuffed doing exercise, let them have their fun"

"Great minds think alike Chef Hemmings"

"I can't believe we're still using those names"

"I don't know Luke I think it's kinda cute"

"Soooo, what do we do now?" he questioned.

"Last period is starting in like 10 minutes so I guess I should go and get my books so you don't get bombarded"


About 5 minutes later I had grabbed my books and I was heading back to find Luke, before Chelsea jumped on me.

"" Chelsea said out of breath.

"What is it Chelsea I have to get back to Luke before girls bombard him"

"That's what I needed to tell you"

"Alright go on"

"Please don't be mad, from best friend to best friend I think you should know", "I saw a girl from our year level like full on pash Luke"

I just stood there trying to process what Chelsea had just told me. Chelsea looked at me a confused face probably trying to figure out what I was thinking, I mean I was 100% appreciative that Chelsea had the guts to tell me but I was also 100% unappreciative that I now knew what had happened. Maybe Luke didn't want to kiss her and she came onto him, maybe she threatened him to kiss her, I mean I didn't even know who kissed him. I was trying to think of all the positives but then all the negatives came to mind and I think there were more negatives than positives. What if he was cheating on me and didn't even like me, what if he wanted to kiss her, what if he's only dating me as a joke, what if he thinks I'm his toy. 

This made me furious, even if he didn't want to kiss her he could have pulled away.

I stomped towards where I had left Luke, to find him standing there, when he saw me coming it looked like he was going to wet his pants.

"How could you" I said starting to tear up the anger leaving me and the sadness of realization coming out.

"I'm sorry Chloe she came onto me"

"Well you could've at least pushed her away", "I thought you genuinely liked me but no I was naive and thought that and thought that a celebrity would like me, heck why would I even think that, a random nerd wouldn't even like me, I mean look at me" I said completely broken now.

"How could you ever think that Chloe, how could you ever think of any of that, I mean yes look at you, at first look any guy would melt and then once they get to know you they see that you have got the most amazing personality, come on Chloe I was lucky enough to get you, I worked my ass of to prove to you how much I love you. You need to remember that Chloe, you need to remember that I love to much to even let you go. When you left to come back to school I felt like we had broken up, I didn't know what to do"

"So then why would you kiss her?" the tears had dried up and the anger was coming back.

"What was I supposed to do, she came onto me. You realise I thought it was you that kissed me and that's a reason why I kissed back, but when I opened my eyes I realised it was a complete stranger"

"Well Luke take this on board for next time, not that there actually might be a next time", "look before you kiss" 

By the time I turned around there was a small crowd of maybe I think 15 people, I stormed away in complete sadness and anger. I was just about to walk out of school before Chelsea stopped me.

"What now Chelsea?"

"I'm coming"

"No you're staying I need time alone"

She didn't argue she had known me long enough to understand that when I was in a state like this that I wanted to be alone.

I ran out of school and ran down the streets towards the beach since our school was like 3 or 4 blocks away from the beach.

I found a small hill and sat down, I was staring towards the water for who knows how long until I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I must of been sitting there for about an hour and a quarter because when I turned around I saw Ashton standing there. 

"What are you doing here, did Luke tell you to come and...." I stopped when I noticed the other boys and Chelsea standing there. I immediately locked eyes with Luke who had guilt written all over his face and it immediately sent a wash of shame over me.

"We didn't come and find you, we came down here because it was a nice day today"

That made me feel even worse that the first thing I thought of was Luke being involved with Ashton coming down.

"Do you want to join us"

I was dicing up whether I should say yes or no, I didn't have to talk or acknowledge Luke I guess.


"Great, you can hang around me if you want, I was just going to jump in the water if you want to come?"

"Sounds good to me" the least I could do was hang out with Ashton he never did anything to me.

I stripped immediately down to my underwear sprinting after Ashton into the water who looked surprised when he turned around and saw me in my underwear, but his face soon turned into a huge grin. He bolted towards me picking me up by my legs and throwing me over his shoulders making me end up screaming.

"Ashton put me down"


My screaming soon turned into continuous laughing as I realised I was smiling. Ashton put me down about a minute later before I splashed him, I regretted my action as soon as I committed it because Ashton and I had a water splash war, he ended up winning it, I surrendered because I was swallowing too much water.

Ashton and I left the water after about 30 minutes walking up onto the sand away from the others, we sat about 50 meters away from them.

"I don't know where Luke and I stand now Ashton, I mean we had this huge as fight, I don't know if we're still together, I guess it would make sense that we weren't", "I'm just so confused right now, what should I do?"

"Talk to him when you feel ready, you guys were, I mean still are the cutest couple. You understand if you get through this tough time it will only make your relationship stronger"

"I guess you're right, I'll talk to him no tomorrow but the day after"

"Cool, do you think we could go back now"

"Only if you come to my house after this", "is that a deal?"


I ended up sitting next to Ashton talking to Chelsea until we decided to leave. Luke just sat there only answering yes or no when people asked him questions. Calum, Michael and Chelsea went in Michael's car, while Luke, Ashton and I went in Ashton's car. I was kind of awkward for the drive, I think I fell asleep because when I woke up I was in my bed and Ashton wasn't there. 

I walked downstairs to find Luke there not Ashton.



Ohhhh, drama comment below if you want more of this story.


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