Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


12. First Day of Year 12

"So I woke up to my alarm this morning at 6.20am dragging my butt out of bed. I walked to the bathroom and splashed my face with water, I had a shower the night before so I didn't have to wake up as early. I then walked back into my room and slipped on my school dress that was like a maroon red and white checked that went down to the top of my knees. Then I slipped on my white socks and black school shoes. I went to the bathroom and tied my hair into a low loose ponytail, then I tied a maroon red ribbon around the hair tie. 

I don't really wear makeup to school, well we're not supposed to but most girls do, I usually brush out my eyebrows so their neat and put some mascara on, so that's what I did. After I had finished in the bathroom I quickly made my lunch and had some breakfast before brushing my teeth and driving to school with my mum since she works there.


(at school)

I met Chelsea outside the school gates so we could walk in together. As we walked in we got stares from girls everywhere, Chelsea and I continued to walk to our lockers and grabbed out first period books. We have our timetable on our laptops and Chelsea and I were luckily in every class together. We walked to homeroom together to be greeted by our teacher telling us that we need to go to the front office.

"Wonder what they want?" Chels thought out loud.


We arrived at the front office walking up to one of the ladies there.

"Hi, our teacher Mrs Wood said we were wanted up here" I said.

"You're Chelsea and Chloe right?"

"Yep, how can we help?"

"So the brother school have sent 2 male representatives here since for our brigidine day we're going to have a famous band play here as entertainment and we need to female representatives and we thought who better than you 2"

"Ok and what do we need to do?" Chelsea asked.

"We need you girls to show the band around the school with the boys from the brother school and basically just make them feel welcome because they will be here for the whole week staying in your classes, sitting at the back and observing"

"Really, when do we get to find out who the band is?" Chelsea asked.

"Their arriving here at the start of second period, by the time they get here you would have met the representatives from the brother school"

"Ok" I answered.

"Oh and here are the other two representatives"


I turned around being met by Ben from our primary school and his friend.

"Hey Ben, who's your friend?"

"Hey guys nice to see you again, this is Charlie"

"Nice to meet you Charlie" Chelsea and I said in unison.

"Nice to meet you too...?"

"Chelsea and Chloe" I said pointing to Chelsea then myself.

"So do you guys have any idea what's happening?" Chelsea asked.

"Yeah, aren't we showing around a band who are going to be here for a week in your classes?"

"Yeah, who told you?"

"Our principle"

"Chelsea, Chloe, Ben and Charlie, the guys are here make sure your uniform is perfect"


I fixed up Chelsea's uniform, then she fixed mine and that's when the door opened, revealing handsome boys.

"Oh my god, this can't be happening"

Ben and Charlie obviously had no idea what we were freaking out about, but they would soon find out. I literally sprinted and jumped onto him like a maniac before he realised who I was.


"Yes it's me you idiot"

"Ok what's happening here, I'm completely confused" Ben said, Charlie nodding in agreement.

"Ben, Charlie, office ladies this is my boyfriend Luke"

Their mouths touched the ground not realising I had a famous boyfriend.

"That's your boyfriend?" Charlie said pointing at Luke.

"Yes I'm her boyfriend" Luke replied for me. "I can't believe you guys go to this school, I thought we would have gotten some crazy girl trying to get in our pants" Luke whispered so the office ladies couldn't hear.

" got us"

"Ok, I'm 100% confused right now, how did you guys meet?" Ben asked.

"We met up where my holiday house is, Luke was there for a getaway holiday with these freaks, and we kind of met and this happened"

"Wouldn't have thought you, the Chloe to get a famous boyfriend"

"Well you thought wrong"

At this point Chelsea was having a full on conversation about who knows what with Calum, while Ashton and Michael stood there looking like they were in the wrong place.

"Do you want a tour guys?" I asked since Chelsea was still having a conversation with Michael.

"Let's do this" Ashton said.

"Oh and before we go, be prepared for the girls they come out in a minute"

"Don't worry" Luke said not knowing what they were in for.


"So this is the new year 12 building that was finished being built at the end of last year" Chelsea said showing them around, while Luke and I were in our own world talking and not paying attention.

The next thing we knew the bell had rung and all the year 12 girls came rushing out to their lockers. They hadn't noticed us until one girl was like, "oh my girl" she squealed all heads turned our way and all of these girls came rushing our way to check out the guys. Luke grabbed hold of my hand and I saw that Calum had grabbed hold of Chelsea's. I whispered in Luke's ear before the girls got to us asking if he could hoist me up on his shoulders.

"Alright guys, there's no need to fangirl" I said, "they're going to be here all week so you'll have plenty of time to speak to them, so make your way back to your lockers and treat them like their girls here, ok" there was snickers and glares at me but I didn't care because I had just saved the guys butts. Luke put me down and once all the girls had started to make their way back to their lockers he gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and I've got to say it felt good to have his lips on mine again.

"Thanks" he whispered in my ear.

I started to blush uncontrollably being embarrassed from my sudden burst of confidence.

"Alright we better get you guys ready for a week in year 12" Chelsea shouted.

"Thanks Charlie and Ben for helping us show them around" I said.

"You're welcome" Charlie smiled, "hey could I talk to you for a sec?" he asked me.

"Of course" he dragged me around a deserted corner and began talking.

"Chloe I know you have a boyfriend, to be exact a famous boyfriend but I can't help but have feelings for you and I just want you to know that" he blurted out.

"Thanks for letting me know Charlie, it was nice of you to let me know...." next thing I knew Charlie's lips were on mine and I was trying to push him off until Luke pulled him off of me.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

"Sorry" Charlie as guilty as ever. 

"No don't say sorry to me, say it to my girlfriend" Luke clearly had anger in his eyes.

Charlie turned to me and apologised, "it's ok Charlie, just don't ever do it again"

"I won't" he replied, "it's was just a sudden burst of confidence" Charlie left after that.

I'm sorry...." I couldn't get anymore words out because Luke's lips were on mine once again, probably telling me not to worry.

"I love you Chloe"

"I love you too Luke, but are you seriously telling me this in my school?"

"Sorry just wanted you to know, that you're my world and the best thing that's ever happened to me and I can't wait to see what this week brings us.

Since we were in a hidden corner and Chelsea and the others had probably gone somewhere else and no one else was inside, I thought I would take the chance to kiss Luke. I put my hands gently behind his head and pulled his head down slowly to mine while I was on my tippy toes, and pressed my lips to Luke's, he kissed me back straight away and we were probably doing that for a minute and a half until I heard a flash go off and giggles.



OMG this was such a long chapter, two chapters in one day. I did it to make up the late update. Will still update as much as possible.




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