Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


3. A New Day

"Good Morning sleeping beauty" I whispered as I attempted to wake Chelsea up.

"Hey, why did you wake me up, couldn't you have just let me sleep in a little bit longer"

"No" I exclaimed, "Now why would I do that when we have a whole day ahead of us, plus all of the cute guys that you're just letting go to waste, might I also say going to the beach"

"Fine, just let me get ready at my own pace, and I'll be down for breakfast soon"

"All you need to do is get dressed, where having breakfast at this adorable cafe on the beach" I persuaded her, so she would get ready faster. 

"Sounds good to me"


Believe me Chelsea can take up to 2 hours to get ready for a normal casual day, so the more that I can persuade her the quicker we'll get out of the house to do things.


"Are you ready to go Chloe, because if you're not ready I swear to god I will kill you for making me get out of bed this quickly"


(side note - Chelsea sleeps in a lot)


"Chelsea, calm your farm I was ready when I woke you up"

"So lets be on our way to the beach then" she said starting to jump up and down.


The walk on the beach took us a good hour and a half because we were sticky beaking to much to see what was in the rock pools, and basically just normal girl stuff of trying to not touch the water, well that was mainly Chelsea, anyway getting back to what I was saying, so once we got to the cute little cafe we slowly walked inside. I noticed that there were all these cute little rustic things in the cafe like fake flowers in little milk bottles, old unused cooking pots with herbs in them, what I said cute.

Chelsea and I sat down in the little cafe and usually we don't order for a good half hour, so we just talked. All of a sudden we heard these screams, we also heard crying, but then the weirdest thing happened we saw someone running, wait no a few people running. Chelsea and I just shrugged it off and decided to order early just in case those people came into the cafe and made us wait a long time for just a drink. I went up and ordered while Chelsea stayed at the table


"Hi, could I please order 1 Pineapple juice and 1 Guava juice"

"Of course, that will come to $6" the cashier claimed.

"Here you go, and why are there all of these people screaming, crying and running after some other people"

"Oh, you don't know who's been staying here, they only got here last night"

"Who's staying here" I asked anxiously.

"5 Seconds of Summer or abbreviated as 5SOS"

"Really, oh my god my friend will be over the moon, I'm a fan of them but not a crying over nothing fan"

"Well I suggest that if you want to meet them let them come to you, don't run after them", "the last time they came here I didn't run after them or anything they just came to me, that was before I got my job here of course" 


I actually thought it was an amazing idea, I wouldn't mind if I didn't meet them but Chelsea certainly would.


"Thanks, for the suggestion" I said to the cashier.

"Your welcome and I don't think anyone else will do what I just told you"


I made a choice to tell Chelsea what the cashier had told me after we left the cafe because I didn't want to risk anyone else hearing. We then left the cafe and were walking on the beach for a little while when I decided to tell Chels. 


"Hey Chels, while I was ordering the drinks the cashier told me something"

"And what might that something be"

"Well you know how all those screaming and crying people were running after some other people.... well guess who those people were"

"I don't know, the Pope"

"Bad guess, guess again"

"Seriously I don't know, One Direction"

"Close enough, 5 Seconds of Summer"

"No way, you're lying"

"Why would I lie to my best friend"

"True", "So how do we meet them"

"Well as I said the cashier told me something, she said that you don't run after them or anything, you let them come to you"

"Are you serious, she probably just wants to make people believe that so eventually she'll have them all to herself"

"Wrong" I said, "She met them last year, she did that and it worked, and trust me the people down here don't lie"

"Ok, so we just wait I guess"

"Yep, we just play the waiting game"


By the time we had finished our conversation we were almost back at the house, we decided that we would just stay there and relax for the day and go out exploring tomorrow. But little did we know that we had no food in the house.

Once we were in the house we both had showers, I had the first shower and after it I went downstairs to make lunch but I forgot that there would be no food in the house, I called up to Chelsea saying that I had to go out and get food. I left the house got the food that we needed, I probably spend $150 on the food. While I was out I saw one of the members from 5SOS, I couldn't quite figure out who it was though, but then I realized it was Ashton, I told myself that you had to let them come to you, so I left him alone.

As I was walking out of the supermarket I heard screaming, I was just about to hop into my car when I was stopped.


"Excuse me" they said.


I looked up realizing it was Ashton. (omg)


"Yeah" I replied.

"This might sound like I'm a creep or something"


It sort of sounded a bit creepy, but I kept listening.


"But could you please drive me somewhere away from these fans, I'm basically dying, their almost running me over"

"Ok" is all I could say, because in a flash he had hopped in my car making me drive somewhere.

"How about you come back to my place for a while"

"That sounds great"


There was a bit of silence until I broke it by saying.


"Don't get me wrong Ashton I'm a fan but not that type of fan" I explained to him letting him know.

"It's all good as long as you don't mob me or have someone try to kill me"

"I would never do that, just to let you know I have a friend at home and she also likes you guys"

"As I said as long as she won't try to kill me"

"She won't and I'll make sure of it"


We had arrived back at the holiday house, I told Ashton to stay in the car until I got Chelsea to calm down and not kill him, he agreed with the idea. When I gave him the all clear he came in, once he got into the house just to be nice, I think, he gave Chelsea a hug. She almost died.


The day came to an end, Chelsea hadn't killed Ashton, I was driving him back to where he was staying, he thanked me for saving his but. I offered that he could come and stay and get away anytime he would like or the others could too, he thanked me again and got out of the car, and that was the end of that day.




Hey guys just do the same again, if you want to, comment down below some ideas.



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