What Happens Now?

A girl has lived in a lab since she was only 9 years old, and she has finally escaped. But will this do her good? or will it hurt her mentally even more? She is searching for someone to accept her for what, well, "who" she is. And she doesn't know is she can trust them or not.


2. The long trip.

I am walking down the side of the highway and I have this weird feeling in my stomach, like something was about to happen, I quickened my pace and turned left down a side road into a small ghost town. I have no idea where I am, and that when I see it.. “A gas station..” I mumble. “Maybe there’s a phone and I can call Edwards.” I ponder this for a moment than skip down the road towards the gas station. 

    There was a phone. I stop when I realize that there is someone here. I walk towards the phone and check for 25 cents around the booth. “Yes!” I whisper excitedly. “I found some thing. Okay.. Let’s call him.” I put the money in the phone, and type in the number that I remember. It starts to ring, and an old, rusty, Toyota truck pulls in. I freeze. An old guy gets out of the car, I take a mental note of what he looks like; about 50, dirty, old blue overalls and a ripped tank top, balding on the top of his head, white/grey hair + scruffy beard, and old yellowish work boots. He walk in and a sound on the other side of the phone line pulls me away from my gaze. 

    “Hello? Hello?” says the voice on the other side of the phone.

    “Hey.. Is this Edwards?” I ask. I think of my code name from him so I don’t have to say my real name, just in case of emergency. There’s a long pause on the other end of the phone. “It’s Amber.”

    I hear a gasp on the other line. “Amber.. Oh my god. You’re alive!!” he says. “Where are you that you could have possibly called me?! And yes, it’s Matthew..” 

    “I have no idea where I am… Wait one second.” I step outside of the box and it says New Mexico. “I’m in New Mexico. Where are you?”

    He breaths heavily into the phone, “I’m in Seattle at the moment. But I have a guy down in New Mexico, he can get you here to Seattle. You’ll be safe with him. His name is Joshua. I’ll call him and see what’s going on then I can send him to get you. Then in a couple days you’ll be safe with me.” He pauses for a long second. “I promise you, Vienna. Goodbye, for now.” The call ends, and I hang the phone back up. I turn and the old man is standing right behind me, well the glass of the box. I scream. 

    He takes a step back. “I am very sorry to disturb you miss..” He looks down at his shoes. “I am also sorry for scaring you, but I need to use the phone.” I relax and open the door, I step out. “Thank you, miss, have a nice day.” He smiles awkwardly and steps into the phone booth. I walk away and start on my way down the side of the road. 


    It’s sunset, the sky is gorgeous, I just stop and stare at the sky for a minute. “Wow..” I feel a smile creeping onto my face, I let myself be happy for a second. “It’s been awhile.” I say to the sky. I look down at my bare feet then back to the sky and start walking again. 

    I am walking for almost the entire night, I leave New Mexico and I see the Utah boarder. I feel my eyes start to close so I start to look for a place to sleep. 

    I find a ditch to sleep in, It clear the place for my to sleep, out of sight from the road. Later I wake up from the approaching police sirens, and the screeching of tires on the road right beside me. I slowly rise and see that someone is getting pulled over, I drop back to the ground and wait until the police are gone. I then realize I’ve been holding my breath so I let go. I sit up and get into a squat position, to look out. The sun is rising and the driver is still there. I creep out to the street and take them down with a pressure point that I had learned from a friend. “Thanks Matthew.” I smile at the thought of when he taught me how to fight. And then I remember what he did to me. I shouldn’t have called him. They’re looking for me, I think. Then I take a moment to examine the driver, it’s a woman about my size. “I’m sorry,” I say. “I’ve got to take these.” I take her shoes, jeans, and her t-shirt. I put her back into the car wearing my old uniform. “God. I feel like a terrible person.” I finishing getting dressed and start walking North West towards Seattle. Hopefully he won’t turn me in again.. I kick a rock off the road. 

    I trusted him.. All I can think about is how be betrayed me and somehow I forgot about that when I heard his voice, I take a deep breath, “What do I do?” I wish I had my mom in this moment. I just don’t know how to feel about him. Yes. Yes, I do know. I hate him. And that’s how it’s going to stay. I’m trying to clear my mind as I cross over from walking on pavement to a dirt road. A forest surrounds the 2 way road, and I try to clear my mind, but I can’t, I’m too worried. 

    Sometimes I have no idea what’s going on in the world around me. And I wonder why.. Why do I always find myself thinking about things that don’t matter? That’s when sirens pull me out of daydream. I turn towards the woods and start sprinting as fast as I can go.. Barely missing the trees, tripping over small rocks. I pause and lean against a tall tree. Flashlights. I see them and start running.

    “SHE’S OVER HERE!!” I hear a voice shout. No. I feel myself sprinting faster and faster. I crouch behind a wide tree and concentrate on my surroundings, I can move things with my mind.. I think. I put my hands on the ground and focus on what I am doing. 

    “Look out for her.” a man says. He has a very deep voice. He’s also the closest.. “She’s dangerous, and wanted.” He’s right there. I am trying to blend in with my surroundings, he hasn’t seen me yet. Then it happens, he grabs my arm and rips me up. He shakes me back and fourth. “What’s wrong with you girl? Huh?” He pauses and looks behind me. “Boys! I found her!” The other policemen run over to us and cuff me. They hold my arms. “She’s blank.” He turns to one of the guys and puts his hand out. It’s like they read each others minds, because the other man hands him flash light which, he shines in my eyes. “Hey! Are you there?” He taps my face with the flashlight and I look him in the eyes. “There we go.. Now what can you do? Aren’t you the wanted girl with ‘powers’..” He snorts. “You’re a joke.” Now that one got me mad. 

    “What did you say to me?” I mumble.

    “Oh it speaks,” He laughs and looks at the others who also laugh with him. “Well. You’re a joke. You can’t even do—” He starts coking and I chuckle and release my pressure. 

    “How was that, mister? Did you like the feeling of not being able to breathe?” I shrug. “Now, do you believe that I can’t do anything?” 

    He stumbles backwards and scratches at his throat. He breathes rapidly and looks around scared, he walks up to me after being able to breathe again and knocks the air out of me. I drop to the ground gasping for air. My hands touching the wet soil, I can feel my breathing become normal again but I stay down. One of the other police officers kicks me so now I lay on my back looking up at them. He stands above me.

    “Are you deaf?” he scowls at me. “Hello?” He scoffs then pulls on my hair to get me to stand. 

    “OW!” I scream. “Help!! Someone please help me!” drop to the ground and hit it. To my surprise all 6 of the officers flew backwards and I had enough time to get up and run. 

    I run towards the road. I am going as fast as I possibly go, dodging trees and rocks. I can feel myself gaining speed as I rush out of the woods  to the dirt road. I had left them all far behind. That’s when I realized what I could do; I picked up a sharp rock and stabbed all the tires on the cops cars. Then I sprinted the way I was supposed to be walking. It was all the way dark by now, I could barely see anything. But I couldn’t stop running, I had to keep going because if I didn’t then I would have to go back to that prison where everyday I have to face being studied and watched by beady eyes and judging faces. I slow down to a fast jog and run for the next mile. I felt like I’d been running forever. I am going to make it to Matthews. No matter what happens. I will be safe one day. No one will stop me from being myself.

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