There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


7. The weasleeys

As the summer went on, Harry and Scarlet owled  eachother every chance they got.  The only friends they had their age were eachother.  But they were both keeping secrets from eachother that could destroy their friendship.  Other than letter reading and writing to Harry, scarlet did many things.  


Her summer mostly consisted of training and reading her textbooks.  But Susan hoping to make up for Scarlet's pain decided to get her new clothes a Polaroid camera.  Scarlet knew she was trying and thanked the old woman for it.  She was a new girl.  


Soon the summer was over. It was time to go to the trainstation.  They arrived near where Harry would be dropped off by Mr.Dursley.  When Harry arrived he got out began to look for platform 9 3/4.    But he found Scarlet before he could get close.  

"Harry!" Scarlet exclaimed. 

"Scarlet!"he then exclaimed"nice to see you again"

"you too old chap!" She told him winking.

"you know I never noticed but blimey do you have an American accent" he told her

"and you fine sir have a British one" the laughed at her attempt at being british

they then walked up to platform 9 and 10. But there was no platform 9 and 3/4.  But behind them they heard the whispers of a frantic plump woman.   Something about 'muggles'.  

"Let's ask them for help" Suggested scarlet.

harry nodded and began walking toward the plump woman surround by a group of children with flailing red hair.

" Exuse me but can you help me find platform 9 and3/4?" Harry asked the woman politely.

"why yes,now here's what you do you run straight through the middle of that wall " she explained" why don't you go first Percy and show these first years how its done" she said the one of the tall lanky ginger kids. 

Next thing Harry and scarlet new the boy disappeared through the barrier.

"now you Fred, George. " she said to the twins. The same thing happened.  

" now you two and Ron go". She said to the last boy.

they ran their eyes closed straight for the barrier.   

 Suddenly the were in a huge train station filled with.... Witches and wizards!  Everyone was bus sling in front of the scarlet train.   So before they were lost in the croissant they said goodbye to Susan and climbed onto the train.  They then slid into the first empty compartment opened the window and waived at Susan.  Then they sat in their seats quietly.

Scarlet thought about taking out the first book of Harry otter but thought better of it.  

Suddenly the red headed boy who had gone through the barrier with them slid into the compartment.  

" his I'm Ron mind if I join you the rest are full" he asked

it scared scarlet nearly half to death and her hair turned pastel purple.  

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