There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


12. The sorting!?AGAIN!?

Once the students of Hogwarts and the professors who were not heads of houses left, scarlet was lead to a back room.  The room that Harry and the Triwizard contestants had been lead into.  Once again she was instructed to sit on the stool and the hat was placed lightly on her head.

The teachers around her whispered and gossiped.  She wanted to yell and scream at them.  As soon as the hat touched her head it began to mumble.  

"Hmm"it continually said softly.

Professor Magonagall kneeled in front of her.

"Ms.Rucks you realize you also have a choice and if you do not know where you wish to go....." she paused"I think you may need to loosen you grip on your mind and memories,  i think that may be the problem" Scarlet gasped then covered her mouth.  Shocked by her outburst.  

"I believe you may be right i had not even realized..."

"Shh", Magonagall told her"just loosen your mind."then she smiled and backed away.

Scarlet relaxed and let go, it's not like anyone could know besides the sorting hat her problems.  

"Ahhh this is very interesting"  the sorting hat gasped"This is a huge...deveelopment, my dear. But where to put you still is the question"

Then suddenly it's slits for eyes widened hugely.

"GRRRYYYFFINDOR!!" it screamed.  Scarlet would not be surprised if the whole school could hear.  "Goodbye" it whispered to her as the hat was whisked off her head.

"Well my dear lucky you, you must be quite brave but the other houses would be lucky to have too." he then whispered to Magonagall and she then took her hand and began to take he out of the room.

"Goodbye thank you" Scarlet said behind her to all the teachers.

The two walked silently for a while till they reached the doors and Magonagall held the Hall doors open and let Scarlet out before her.  She then skirted in front of her, and began to make friendly talk.  Scarlet began to really like this Professor a lot.  Even more than before.  They walked and walked up the many stairwells.  Ocasionally making sharp turns.  They descended higher and higher.  After what seemed like an hour they reached the portrait of the fat lady.  The portrait was stunning and the fat lady was moving.

"Password?" she asked annoyed.  It was amazing Scarlet finally saw one of the moving portraits and it was talking.  

"But before they could say the password the portrait swung open widely.

"Good gracious well ill leave you to your friends then"  Magonagall told Scarlet stepping away from Scarlet being attacked by her friends.

"Bye" Scarlet rasped from inside the bear hug.

Meanwhile everyone was talking about how they knew she'd get Gryffindor.  And Melaney and Lisa were screeching excitedly pulling her inside along with all the other huggers fawning over.

"OY!" Harry, Mason, Fred, And Ron Yelled"Let her breath" and everyone around her spread out

"Thanks guys, figured id be here too."


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