There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


4. The past clouds the vision

Finally after another spinning ride home through the mysterious way of "Operation".   Susan and Mr.Calls left immediately, Scarlet did not say a thing once they left.  "Well they chose the best freaking day to do this to me, no school tomorrow."Scarlet thought.  She sighed and flopped onto her bed to read the envelope.  


Meanwhile, Susan arrived home.  She felt the a wafty breeze drift in.  "What do you want, Ellie?"  She asked the giant Raven who flew in.  Suddenly it transformed to a tall sleek woman.  

"Sus-" She began but the animagus was cut short, by a long annoyed sigh from Susan.

"Stop, just stop Ellie, I don't want to hear your apology,  You can't take back what I had to do."Susan said huffily.

"I was not going to apologize, I understand I've made you watch her whole life and all but,  one life for countless others."  Ellie told her authoritively.

"You are not only getting her killed to save them but you are making a looong and painful death for this poor girl"Susan said turning away from the woman in front of her.

"There was no other way, Susan, so stop whining."Ellie said sternly.

"You don't get it do you, I've seen this girl live up till now and you're forcing her to live a double fucking life!"  Susan screamed going on a rant.  Mr.Calls wanted to stop her but she needed to get it out.

"Su-"  Ellie tried to take authority again but was stopped by Susan.

"SHUT UP!!! JUst Shutt UPP!!" Susan yelled continuing."You are so selfish,  her life is worth just as much as all those people she'll be saving!! And once more, even if she would have refused you would have guilt tripped her, made her feel like she had no choice!! If she still refused, to try and save those who love her!! I Know her!! What about those who love her to pieces! If that happened I don't know what you'd do!!"She continued responding to every facial expression, every attempt to counteract her argument"You are a FUCKING selfish BITCH woman!!"  She screamed finished.

"I never thought about that, but either Scarlet knows or has no idea what she's getting into." Ellie finally said.

It was both.

"It's both."Susan said sighing.

Susan turned away.  Ellie turned back to her animagus and flew out the window, the curtains flapping behind her.  

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