There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


5. Obliviate

Scarlet sat on her bed, breathing deeply.  She finally looked at the tan envelope Susan had given her.  She got up turned on the light and then scooped up the envelope and began to read the green scrawl.  

The first page in the heavy envelope was a letter some things.  As Scarlet skimmed the letter before reading it, she noticed it was addressed to her, obviously, and from Susan.  Unable to bare it any longer she read it  from the beginning.  



Dear scarlet,

I was assigned the day you were born to be  your protector.  I watched you grow from a little thing in dippers to a big girl.  I could only watch, only to intervene when absolutely necessary.  Your parents showed you the Harry potter movies all on their own, but I lead you to the books, I would not allow you to go blindly into this task.  Now that you know that, let me explain something else.  You are not just a story traveler(keep in mind in this case you are not traveling into a story, but a life) you are a Metamorphmagus.  It finally clicks now doesn't it.  All those times when you were little and suddenly your hair would turn bubblegum pink or bright orange.  A few times you almost got caught and luckily I was there, to keep everything under control.  The ministry would have killed me.  I also helped you control it.  Enclosed in the rest of the envelope is your Hogwarts acceptance letter.  I have explained everything to the headmaster(Dumbledore as you very well know).  He will be there to work with you.  And while my duty's to you are over I will be there too if you need me.  I am so sorry, that this had to happen to you and if I could save you I would, but we both know that can't happen and you wouldn't let me anyway and you know it.  

Goodbye, Susan your faithful guardian

P.S I will always be here for you.


It all suddenly made sense.  Everything made sense, the hair, how she always felt like she was being watched.  Scarlet set the letter aside and reached for the next.  A yellowing envelope with the shining red Hogwarts emblem.  This was the letter every Harry Potter fanatic waited for, and she a muggle got one.  Sliding her thumb under the seal, she opened it.  Being the huge harry potter fan she was, she hugged it to her chest and smelled the sweet sent of....Paper!  It was a dream come true, she had read harry's letter about a gazillion times in the books so she just skimmed it.  It was written by Magonagall her hero!  

She turned the envelope it had been in and looked at the messy green handwriting of Hagrid.  What a great wizard!  Scarlet set the letter down on top of the first.  She read through the rest of the things  in the tan envelope. Her task and the full extent of the situation.  She had to help Harry and the people of the Wizarding world.  She would have to- 

Her thoughts were broken by a tap at the window.  An Owl!! It Was a beautiful Red owl.  Scarlet opened the window and it flew in.  It dropped a letter onto the floor along with a cage filled with food and hay.  The bird then perched on the end of her desk.  Scarlet opened the note excitedly.  It read:

Just a present for you! -Susan


Scarlet began to think of names for it.  She decided on:Ruth. Whispering it to the owl.  Ruth nodded in agreement.  Ruth flew over to Scarlet and the bird nuzzled her chin. Scarlet sat at her desk thinking.  She remembered what she was thinking about before Ruth came.  She covered her face with her hands and sighed slowly begging to cry long awaiting tears.   She could not live a double life, and she most certainly could not tell her parent.  Taking a pen that was closest to her she scribbled a note onto the back of the one from Susan.  Wiping her face she got up and gave it to Ruth.  Ruth flew through the window at high speed.   Scarlet could not sleep.  And time did not pass.  It felt like hours had passed to Scarlet.

Wind blew in and out of the window making the room chilly.  But Scarlet did not move.  There was a loud pop and she finally turned and faced Susan, and Ruth came through the window.  

"Are you sure?"  Susan asked worried.  

Scarlet could only nod.  She walked up to Susan knowing exactly what to do and took her arm.  What happened was more than she expected.  The world spun in front of the girls eyes making her wobbly on her feet.  The were in Diogon Alley.  Waling down the cobbled street silently in the dark they reached Oliveander's wand shop.  As they walked the bell at the door tinkled and shadows in the shop moved.  While Susan called for The shopkeeper Scarlet looked around at the shelves.  Even if she was sad she was happy to be here.  

"Hello Scarlet!"  a cheery voice said behind her making her Jump.  

"Olivander!?" she said to the old man.

He chuckled

"Yes, yes, I've been waiting for you"  He chimed

"Yah,  I figured"  She said.

"Come, come my dear, remember the wand chooses the witch and wizard" he winked motioning for her tho follow

He was better than she imagined.

They went through almost the whole shop.

"Hmm, hmm,  Tricky tricky." he mused"Ah this should the trick"  He handed her a dragon heart string  and willow tree wand. that looked like a beautiful wand with ivy twisting around it.  It felt cool and rough in her hand.  Light flashed around her, her light hair going wild around her .  

"That's the one!"  Olivander yelled and whooped.  He then wrapped it in a box and handed it to her."Be  careful." he warned her as she left.   Susan and Scarlet then headed back to Scarlet's house, gathered all Scarlet's things and put it in endless bags and transported them to Susan's.  When that was done, still not a minute had passed.  Sighing Scarlet stepped into her parent's bedroom.  Her wand at her side.  She raised her wand at the pictures up on he walls and whispered the unfamiliar words on her tong."Obliviate"  She slowly disappeared form the pictures and her parents memories and even all her friends.  She simply ceased to exist to the muggle world.

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