There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


6. Harry Potter the boy who lived

It's the day after Harry Potter's birthday and both Harry, Scarlet and other new incoming wizards, are off to Diogon Alley.  Each 11 year old child could not hold back their excitement, even Scarlet.  Parents being dragged by their children, what a sight.  Scarlet and Susan whispered in hushed voices.


"Here's the plan Scarlet: Today you become friends with Harry Potter."  Susan told Scarlet

"That's it?" Scarlet asked her.

Susan nodded, then waived for Scarlet to follow her and get her school supplies.  Taking out the first book of Harry potter to see were Harry was, Scarlet concluded he was getting his robes fitted.  She reported this to Susan and off they went.  A bell like the one at Olivander's tinkled as they walked in.  Scarlet and Susan scanned the area until there eyes landed on Harry and.... Draco Malfoy.  

"Hello little lady." Chirped the woman behind Harry. "Hogwarts?"

Scarlet nodded.

"someone will be right with you love" She then turned back to Harry.

Harry had been watching Scarlet, and when she looked at him they both blushed and looked away.  Draco looked at her and sneered then turned to Harry and they began to talk.  She could not hear but she knew what they were saying.  The woman who was working on Draco's robes motioned that she was done and he could leave.  The two boys then said their goodbye's.  

Scarlet was then ushered onto the stool Draco had been on.  She introduced herself and so did Harry, they were friends fast.  There was soon a tap on the glass window and they both turned to see bushy haired Hagrid holding.....Hedwig or who was soon to be Hedwig.  You could see the simple delight on the boy who hardly had anything at all.  What a beauty that bird was,  a smooth white feathered snowy owl.  When Harry's seamstress was finished he waited outside for Scarlet.  

When she was finally finished they walked down the street and talked like two little birds.    Finally a day of shopping was over and they did all kinds of things together after.  But it was soon time to leave and they both had to leave.  They said their goodbyes and promised to keep in touch until school started.  

When Harry and Hagrid were gone Susan said to Scarlet.

"You really are good at making friends"

"And even better at losing them, oh who am I kidding it's not my fault"   She answered.

She'd had fun today and her mission was going well.  But nothing could fix what she'd done.

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