There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


13. Gryffindor common room

Scarlet looked around the amazing room around her.

"Great right?"George says loudly"What a room huh?"  She nodded.  And a bunch of people began to ask her questions. And she answered them the best she could.  Finally a few people began to leave the room.  Soon it was just her,Mason, Harry, Ron, Melaney, Lisa, and a few dwindling others who also soon left.

 They all sat silently.  

"So, was it scary?"Melaney asked.

"Are you kidding?  I was terrified."

"What happened?"

"Well.... they brought me into a dark huge room beside the staff table.... and they had me sit on the stool, placed the hat on my head...nothing happened for awhile....the hat just kept mumbling, then Magonagall knelt down next to me.  She said:  "Ms.Rucks you realize you also have a choice and if you do not know where you wish to go....." she paused"I think you may need to loosen you grip on your mind and memories,  i think that may be the problem" I gasped then covered my mouth.  Shocked by my outburst.  I told her she may be right."

Scarlet paused"And you know what she did she shushed me and told me to loosen my mind so i did.  The hat started mumbling about new developments and how the problem with where to put me still stands.  And I'm like what the crap is going on this hat is cray then it got crazier. The hat screamed"GRYYYYYFFINDOR!!" and then it mumbled something before it was whisked off my head the whole event was crazy!" by this time the whole group was laughing like crazy.  They were laughing for what sounded like forever.  When it finally died down.

"Goodnight boys"Melaney said grabbing Scarlet and Lisa"come Scarlet let's take you to our dormitory."  The three girls walked or more sped up the steps to the girls dormitory's.  When they reached the dormitory they were whispering and giggling.

"Those girls."Harry said chuckling

"two of them are your sisters.  They're crazy"Ron told Mason. 

"I know, girls"Mason said"Melaney and Lisa were telling me earlier that they wanted to make Moron, Doufis and Stupid shirts, they just needed a third girl.  Well now they got one."  The boys were now laughing like crazy.

When they heard running down the stairs.  It was the girls.  

"Drat"  Mason mumbled" forgot Lisa could You know-"

"I heard that" Lisa said" And the thing before, you boys should be more careful"She said slyly and the girls ran up the stairs giggling.  Then Scarlet reappeared.

"Boys bead"  She told them sternly.

"Make us."Mason challenged her.

"I said bed."

"No"  She descended the rest of the way down the stairs, stopping in front of the boys.

"I wouldn't."she said as they stood

"She's right, she almost jinxed me at diagon alley"  Harry warned

"He's right I'll jinx you"

"Sure you will"

"Alright"  she took out her wand and pointed at Mason

"Fine, we'll go to bed"

Scarlet burst out laughing"I was only kidding "but seriously you should go to bed"

"Fine fine, we'r going to bed"Harry and the boys  began walking toward the stairs.

And all four of them went up to their dormitory's.


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