There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


3. Gifted

Scarlet sighed asked them to step outside her room or outside the house, so she could get dressed.  "Where something comfortable but no pajamas"  Susan said winking and walked out with Mr.Calls behind her.  

Scarlet grabbed her gray stretchy leggings and a large long sleeve pink shirt. She Grabbed a pear of short black socks put them on then grabbed the closest pair of shoes.  Black flats, no not those, too fancy so she grabbed her black boots.  She grabbed her hairbrush brushed her straight light brown hair.  She sighed looking in the mirror at her big green eyes.  She turned from the mirror after making sure her face and teeth were clean. 

Finally she stepped out grabbing her blue bag and grey sweater and then left the room.

 She headed off down the hall trying not to make A sound checking if any one was up at this hour.  Good coast was clear.  Susan and Mr.Calls stood in the living room waiting for her.  

Susan assessed Scarlet's outfit" good" she remarked approvingly" now take my arm and hold on tight we're going on an adventure.

scarlet laughed it was like this woman new her.  

She took Susan's arm and suddenly the room twisted and spin.  A mess of color in front of her eyes. "Damn it" she thought" what have I gotten my self into , I feel like I'm gonna puke". Holding on for deer life she breathed heavily. Suddenly they hit ground with great force.

scarlet accidentally let go and was flung across the room and slammed into the ground.  " shit" she groaned

Mr.calls walked over and held out his hand for her to take.  Dizzily she took it. "God,now I know exactly how Harry potter felt the first time he operated with Dumbledore". She thought standing up.  Susan turned to her with a knowing look, but said nothing. 

Scarlet looked around at her surroundings.  Well this was not exactly what she expected.  It was bright orange!! 

It was a small room with a little table and a white fridge and cabinets.  A kitchen!

"This is my house" Susan told her getting down to business. " sit down she told her.  Scarlet sat.  Susan began"We have a problem you see.  Involving Harry Potter.  That is to say the wizarding world is real."

" What" scarlet asked in disbelief .

 "When J.k Rowling wrote the series  she was writing his future without realizing it.    And well today is his 11 birthday.  And your the only one qualified to do this being that your eleven.  And obviously are a huge fan of Harry Potter"Susan winked  "Now I know this is hard to beleive but only you can do it." Scarlet nodded.  " Now we will leave you this packet to read up on your job and we will go from there."  She passed scarlet the usual light orange- ish-tan envelope. 

"OK.  I'm guessing I really don't have a choice.  And if it really is urgent.  I....I'll do it. " Scarlet said.

"Thank you.  I should warn you though it will be difficult.  And you must keep this a secret.  Now let's take you home young lady.  " Susan said sweetly.  Scarlet nodded once again.

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