There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


19. CRASH!

Wiping her forehead,  Scarlet sighed staring around her.  She'd done most of the storage room.  It was bigger than she thought and took her most of all three hours to do most of it.  When she herd a knock at the door, she turned to see professor Snape with his sleek black hair swooping in.  

"Well... Let's see if your work is except-able."He boomed as he slowly began examining the room.  When he turned back to Scarlet, apparently having seen enough he looked her up and down and said"You did an exceptional job...But I expect you to come back let it sink in."

Scarlet looked horrified"come back-"

But he cut across her"Unless you would like to come back next weekend for another detention I would hold back your retort."

"Yes sir."She said with bitter sweetness.  Snape turned to leave but she asked "Wait sir what time would you like me to come tomorrow"as his hand touched the door handle.

"Noon.  Let's just hope we can expel that cheek of yours"He answered and left the room, leaving her in semi darkness again.

Scarlet sighed and left the room.  Snape was gone when she headed up the steps leading to the dungeons.  When she walked down the hall it seemed completely empty. Until a girl of average height with long ginger hair,covered in freckles, with bright green eyes, wide rimmed glasses whereing a teal tank top under a white veil like shirt brown lace up boots and a necklace with a star charm came running down the hall behind her.  It was too late for either girl to move so the girl ran into her.  Both fell to the floor.  They sat up dazed and looked at each other then busted out laughing.

"Hi-"they both tried to say as they continued to sit on the floor, but were stopped as another waive of giggles came.  When the giggles subsided they both helped each other up.

"sorry my fault"The girl said sheepishly

"No biggy"Scarlet shrugged then smiled"It was actually hilarious.  Oh, I'm Scarlet"

"My name is marec"Marec told her shaking Scarlet's outstretched hand.

"Awesome name.  I love your outfit by the way"

"Your hair and out fit  it awesome too.  Hey your that girl I saw in the great hall  with bubblegum pink hair.  Your a first year right?"

"Yeah.  You?"

"Yeah.  You sat at the Gryffindor table I noticed.  I'm a Slytherin.  Hope your ok with having a slytherin friend."

"Of course.  Your great and I just met you after you ran into me."


"Hey we should get to dinner"They both began walked.

"Why were you running?"

"I was pranking some jerk Slytherin.  He was being an ass to my friend lucario.  He's a Hufflepuff and Dracos older brother. I hes in the same year as Fred and George. You know them right?"

"Wow. yeah"Scarlet said blushing slightly.

"Wait you just blushed.  Which is it?"

"which is what?"

"Which one do you like?!Marec answered exasperated rolling her eyes.

"Oh.... Fred.."

"Personally I kinda like Lucario, he's friends with Fed and George....  But the point is this guy was being a complete arse so I decided to prank him.  Of course he helped by getting the slugs so I could put them in his bed."

"Wow awesome."They bumped fists.

"I was actually running to meet him.  I usually sit with him instead of at the slytherin table."

"could I meet this Lucario you guys could sit at our table and meet some of my friends."

"Yeah we'll do that.  Hey Imma call you Scarles or Shorty."

"Ok I'll call you mar."

They continued walking and talking till they reached the great hall and Scarlet followed Marec to the Hufflepuff table.  A tall boy with blonde hair, although not as blonde as Dracos, he was whereing jeans and a Wierd sisters band t-shirt.

"Hey Meri who's miss bubblegum princess here?"He asked laughing at his own joke.

"Well miss bubblegum princess here is Scarlet"Scarlet answered cockily pointing at herself.

"Nice to meetya"

"I ran into her...literally"Merec began as Lucario laughed"She asked us to join her at the Gryffindor table and meet some of her other friends."

"Alright.  Hey bubblegum arn't you friends with Freddy and Georgy?"

"Yeah.  Why?"Scarlet asked as they followed her to the gryffindor table.

"Freddy boy won't shut up about you."

"Really?"Scarlet tucked a strand of hair behind her ear blushing profusely now.

"Yeah.  He made you out to be some perfect princess.  Makes sense Miss bubblegum princess."

"Oh... Huh well I'm no princess"Marec held back her laughter.  When they reached the table Scarlet introduced her friends to eachother.  

When greetings finally finished they sat down.  "Hey Scarlet what took you so long?  We were starting to get worried."  Fred asked her pointing an accusing finger.

Lucario, Marec and George laughed at this.  While the others looked at them like they were crazy and Fed glared.

"I got held up alphabatizing Snapes storage supplies.  I have to come back tomorrow!"She threw her hands up in defeat."Then I ran into mar here.  Well she ran into me"  Everyone laughed at this.

They continued talking while eating.

"Hey Luc and Mer do you wanna hang in the common room with us till curfew?"  Melaney asked.

"Yeah it'll be fun."Lisa agreed.

"Sure!"Merec answered.  They went back to talking.  After a minute Lisa motioned for Merec to come closer.

"can you distract Scar for a like 20 minutes when we all leave.  We'r having a party.  it's a surprise for Scarlet though.  Let Luc know though."Lisa whispered.  Merec nodded and relayed the news.  All the while Fred and George distracted Scarlet telling her a long story about a prank in their first or second year.

When dinner and desert were finished.  Everyone got up.  But Merec stopped Scarlet as she turned to follow the others.

"Hey wait up.  Can you come with me real quick I wanna show you something."

Scarlet shrugged and Followed Merec out and went the opposite way of the others.


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