New York


1. Chapter I

,,It's gonna be a long flight!" My mom said as we sat down in our seats.

,,But, it's worth it this time."

,,Good point dad." I said.

,,New York, here we come!" My younger sister said.

The plane flight was very long but as my dad said, it was worth it.

When we landed we went straight to the hotel with our bags, so we could get more time exploring the city.

My parents and my sister went to a toy store so I went to Starbucks to get coffee.

,,The line is very long." I thought by my self.

The guy in front of me looked very familiar. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. Lip piercing.. Where have I seen him before..

Then I remembered. He's the lead singer in my best friend's favourite band. I think his name's Luke.

,,Uhm, hi. You're Luke, right?" I said to him.

,,Oh, hi there! Are you a fan?" He smiled at me.

,,No, but my best friend is a huge fan. I really like your music though I wouldn't call my self a fan."

,,Ok, so you've heard our music. Do you have a favourite song?"

,,Omg yes! I love She Looks So Perfect! And Don't Stop!"

,,Oh.." He said with an disappointment tone.

,,I'm just joking. I hate those songs, no offence.. But I really like Rejects. And Beside You."

,,You really have a great taste in music." Luke said laughing.

,,What's your name?" Luke asked.

,,Oh, it's Y/N."

,,That's a beautiful name."

I couldn't help but blush and look away.

,,You're shy." Luke said with a smile.

,,Oh, you don't say." I said with a sarcastic tone.

,,What can I get for you two?" The coffee barista asked.

,,Oh, we're not together." I said.

,,Y/N what do you want?" Luke said.

,,No, you're first." I said.

,,No, I'm going to buy you a coffee." Luke said with a smile.

,,No I'm gonna buy it my self."

,,Come on, it's just coffee."

,,Fine. One latté." I said.

,,Great, I'm gonna get one expresso." Luke said.

The coffee barista started to make the coffee.

,,Where do you wanna sit?" Luke asked.

,,Wait, is this a date?" I asked.

,,Well if you want to look at that way, then it is."

,,Only if you want to.." I said.

,,Then this is a date." Luke said with a smile.

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