5. Raven and daman

Daman p.o.v

Me and my sister raven were sitting on my bed “i guess we should get packing” she said “i guess so” we weren't very excited but i guess we had to our parents had told us about a week and a half ago they were taking us to the instituted because they couldn't take care of us anymore. Both of us new this was going to happen one day or another. She was my best friend so i was glad that at least i had her. We were very very close we shared a room just different bed. We packed all our things and then went downstairs my dad saw us and said “finally you guys take forever” we reached for our bags and then left to the car. Is was silent the whole ride there raven reached for my hand and i held her hand.


Once we got there and dad signed us in once a lady came up to us introduced herself as mis miller and then told us she was going to be showing us around.


Raven p.o.v

Once our dad left the lady showed us around i reached for daman's hand and he held it. We have been close since we were little. Never left each other sides unless it was to use the bathroom and that kind of thing. We got to one door and she turned around she stared at our hands for a while. She stopped at a door and turned she looked at our intertwined hands and a frown appeared on her face, i started getting self conscious and daman squeezed my hand reassuringly. She smiled again and asked “you guys are brother and sister right” i nodded and daman said yes. She looked at the door and then back to us


“I can tell you guys are really close here we separate girls and boys but i can see that, that won't help with you to would it” i snapped my head up to look at her “no please don't separate us” i said in a low voice i barely talked and when i did it was in a small voice. She smile and nodded “there to beds in each room i tell you this you guys can stay together but don't tell anyone ok our secret yeah” we both smiled and nodded eagerly.


When she opened the door she told us to go to the cafeteria and after that we can come back. We picked our beds and walked out to the cafeteria hand in hand.

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