2. phoenix

I was in the car with my mom (well my adopted

mom) neither one of us said anything. I had my bag in the back. She was taking me to the institution .if something is wrong with you then you get send to the institution. It's kind of like a mental hospital oh wait it is a mental hospital. Once we got there mom turned off the engine and looked at me.


“look honey this is for your own good okay” i just looked at her and then out the window. She sighed and got off i did as well. I grabbed my bags and we walked into the building. We walked to the front desk and my mom signed me in. we waited for a while then a lady around her 30s walked up to us


“Hey this must be phoenix, hi i'm mrs miller i'm the head adviser here so i will be showing you around so you get situated and then your room which you will have for yourself or share with someone. It all depends really the rooms have two beds just in case we will be taking everything away from you except your cloths ok its just for safety purposes.” she explained  i just nodded this sucks ass i thought. After that she started talking to my mom. My mom said bye to me i just waved not saying anything. Honestly she just wanted me gone she says i'm a danger hazard at home and for my “family” so as soon as her friend told her about this place she signed me up and well here i am now.


Mrs miller showed me the cafeteria the library and anything i would find useful like bathrooms and stuff. Once we finished with that she showed me my room i was thankfully by myself at least i think“ok then go to the cafeteria the other kids are in there eating lunch oh and we will be checking your things tomorrow because u just got here so you can settle in” she explained which honestly i didn't hear half of what she was saying i was too busy thinking “waw this is my new life my mom got rid of me i'm not that dangerous right well i guess this is my new “home” mines well get use to it” “ok then i'll let you go now” mrs miller said interrupting my thoughts i just nodded. I sat my bag on the bed yes only one i didn't have that much cloths. I guess this is my new life

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