6. Keira

(the guy keira meets in the story)




“Come on  keira we need to go” my brother said “yeah i'm coming down in a bit” i sighed should i be sad that i'm leaving my “home” i don't know, i don't know what to think. I walked down and saw my mom in the kitchen and my step dad in the living room “i'm leaving” i said but they didn't seem to care so i just walked out of the door into the car. My brother started the car and we left.


He parked the car and looked at me “it's for your own good yeah” he said “yeah i guess” i said looking out the window and i to the building “i care for you and that's why i brought you here ok don’t think i did it just because” he said worry filling his voice “i know you do don’t worry kevin i know” i said looking back at him. We both got off and walked into the building. He signed me in and a lady walked up to us she explained she was going to show me around and what not. She started talkin to my brother. He started to say in the lines of “be careful with her” and “don't let her wander alone”. I knew he was just looking out for me but it didn't seem like that right now. When he left he hugged me tight and whispered a i love i wish i said back. And with that he was gone

She showed me every room in here till she got to my room which was a two bed room with no one in there i remembered her say something about me being alone or with someone or something like that. She said to go to the cafeteria after i finish here so that's what i was doing walking to the cafeteria when i saw a boy he was sitting on the floor reading a book. He was wearing a beanie and had bushy eyebrows for what i could see. He looked up and we made eye contact which caused me to hit my head on the wall good going keira. He ran up to me and asked “are you ok” i rubbed my forehead and answered “yeah”. He chuckled “where, were you going” he asked “cafeteria” i answered “here i'll take you there just to make sure no other wall attack you” i laughed at his response wait i laughed like actually laughed like my real laugh. He does something so me i don't know what but i like it.

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