3. Blake

I was putting my things in the bag when my dad screamed at me to get ready. I live with my dad sins my mom left us he blames it on me so know he's getting rid of me he's sending me to the institution. I finished putting all the cloths in my bag and then zipped it up. In that moment my dad came bursting through the door “get your ass moving we have to go in 5 minutes” he yelled at me “i-i'm done i-ill be down there in a minute” i stuttered “freak” he mumbled but i still hired it. I got pushed around a lot getting called freak all the time because of my eyes one blue one brown. I walked down the stairs and into the car. I took a look at my old “home” i don't know what i felt if i was glad i was leaving or if i was sad i guess i will find out soon.


Once we got to the institution we both got out and walked to the front desk and my dad signed me in. they told us to wait for a few minutes so we sat down and waited. Dad didn't seem pleased to stay longer but soon a lady around 30 years of age came up to us “hey im mis miller and you should be blake am i right” she asked with a smile “yeah” i simply said “ok then well i am the head adviser here i will be helping you and showing you around here sounds good” she said i nodded she seems to happy to work at a place like this way to happy. She talked to my dad for a few minutes and then he left not a bye or a simple wave just left.


Mis miller showed me around and then showed me my room “oh yeah i forgot to tell you about your room, ok so you either share a room or it's to yourself i'm not quite sure if you will be with someone or not i guess we'll just have to find out. All rooms have two beds just in case” she said smiling sweetly i gave her a fake smile and she said “ok so after you see your room go the the cafeteria the other kids will be there as well ok” i just nodded.


Once i opened the door to see my room two beds like she said it was pretty small just a desk, the bed,and two lamps,. No tv no nothing i guess this is my new life then. I placed my things on the bed and then walked out to the cafeteria i walked in and looked for a place to sit by myself once i found it i just sat there. This is my life now.

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