4. Aryan

“We are taking you to the institution” that thought was kept in my head. My foster parents think i'm a danger and can no longer stay here with them and  my foster brother and sister. I was packing right now my younger sister cynthia walked in when i zipped my bag  “are you leaving” she asked i turned to see her “yeah just for a bit ok” i told her she just looked at me i saw the sad in her eyes “i'll miss you cindy come one give me a hug” i opened my arms and she ran up to me and hugged tight i hugged her the same. Our  moment was ruined when my older brother joey cleared his through “can we make it a three way hug” he said i looked i him and stretched my left arm towards him and he came walking to me we hugged for awhile then we broke apart. Joey looked at cindy and said “can i talk to aryan alone please” she just nodded and then left


“Look i know were there talking you but just remember we love you no matter what ok” he said i am going to miss them very much there the only once that didn't ditch me because how i am. “I know and i really appreciate it” i said and hugged him again we walked down to where my foster dad was waiting for me “ready” he asked i just nodded i looked back to see my brother and sister and just said bye again.


We got to the institute and my dad signed me in and we waited for a while when a lady walked up to us “hello i'm mrs miller the head adviser i'll be showing you around” bla bla bla bla i zoned out after not really caring. I said bye to my foster dad and we walked around. She finally showed me my room “you will be sharing a room with another guy” she said grate sharing fun. She opened the door and i saw a bag on one bed i guess i have the other one then “ok so after you're done here go to the cafeteria the other kids will be there” she smiled at me and then left.


I did what the other guy did and put my things on my bed and then walked to the cafeteria. I got there and went to the end of a table and just sat there ignoring everyone. I felt eyes on me but i could care less right now. My new life starts now i guess

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