7. Aryan, blake

Aryan p.o.v


Lunch was over and noi didn’t eat i wasn't hungry and i got here late so yeah but that didn't matter now. Mis miller had given me a schedule for the day.

(i have no idea what i’m talking about so don't pay much attention to it)



8:00-8:30- breakfast

8:30- 9:00- meads (if needed)

9:00-10:00- group meetings

10:00-4:00pm- classes ( lunch 12:05)

4:00pm - end of the day  (outdoor activities if wanted)

Lights out at 10:30-pm


Well i guess after lunch im free. A ell rung so i guess lunch was over i got up and started walking out of the lunch room. I decided to walk around for a few minutes or so because well i didn't want to go back to my room and just sit there.


After a while of looking around i walked into the forest oh did i forget to mention this place have electrical fences around the campus we only get a few yards of forest of whatever the fuck its called. As i was walking more into the forest i found this pond it looked like no one has been here for years it was so calm. The water was clear which i liked. I decided to make this my place i know i'm definitely going to be here a LOT.


Blake P.o.v

I went back to my room after lunch i just didn't feel like doing anything i just i don't know i was tired i guess. When I stepped into my room I saw someone's bag so i guess i'm sharing. I decided to take a shower since i hadn't taken one yet. I just walked into the bathroom.


I walked into the bathroom and turned the water on. When it was worm i striped off my clothes and hopped into the shower. I stayed there for a good 10 minutes just letting the warm water go down my body helping it relax a bit. I stayed there for a few more minutes just thinking because you know what they say the shower is the best place to think.


After that i finished washing my wair getting rid of the shampoo from it (they had small bottles of shampoo just like they would in hotels)  after i was done i realized i never bought clothes with me “great” i thought to myself.i grabbed the towel that was hanging on the racket and wrapped it around my waist.  I walked into the room just to be greated with my roommate


Aryan P.O.V

It was starting to get dark so i thought that i should get back to my room. As i was walking i remembered when mrs miller showed me my room someone was already there. I couldn't help but wonder who it was or what he looked like.

I stepped into the room and heard the shower on “i guess he's in the shower then” as soon as i thought that the shower cut off and out came by roommate with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He saw me but just whent to his suitcase. My eyes traveled down his body the had fit arms and had some abs starting to form i guess he saw me staring wich lead for him to clear his throat  awkwardly a small blush formed on my cheeks. I said a vary audible sorry and he walked back to the bathroom.

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