Why did the chiken cross the road.

This was written in about five minutes as a response to my mate MLGsus asking: Why did the chicken cross the road?


1. Back Home

Because he was never the same since 'Nam, his family and friends slowly grew more distant from him as time passes; they could never see him the same way again after what he did back there. As time passed the chicken entered an endless downward spiral of depression, drugs and alcohol culminating in a series of one night stands some random hobos. The chicken lay there next to the lady of the night wondering where his life had gone so wrong. He had made his decision, step by step he slowly waddled towards his new life brought about by the sudden flash of headlights as he was mowed down by a car. In the distance, a small bright light shone like a beacon of redemption, as it grew closer he realised it was a door; approaching it slowly he opened the door, got on the floor, and walked the dinosaur.

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