Midnight Thoughts

I was told that my dad was a criminal. A no good dirty rotten guy who deserved no less than the worst. That he was so bad and so stupid that we wasn't worth the time and effort of being in a relationship. At least that's what my mom said. And I believed her every word.


4. Jacob Black Boy

I enter the living room and notice that they made themselves right at home on our plush peach colored couches.

"Ah your back. I was getting worried!" The older gentleman joked as I entered.

"Haha yeah I couldn't find my mom. But then I did and it's ok now. She's er...temporarily busy at the moment. She said I had to finish cooking the food. Umm jus make yourselves more at home I guess and I'll be back in a few." I back out of the living room and half run to the kitchen. What on earth is going on?? I think to myself. Just don't think Beau. It's fine. You jus have some new people in the neighborhood that your mom doesn't want to meet. Why doesn't she want to meet them? She loves people! It's ok maybe she's not feeling well or something. I look in the oven and find some chicken still in the process of being cooked. Then I open the freezer and find all the ice cream gone. That's mine and moms stress food. We eat it whenever we don't know what to do about a situation. Moms rarely ever stressed. I think as I close the freezer and open the fridge. I get some pepperoni an shove some in my mouth. Then I pull out some orange juice and get down a cup from the cupboard. I pour myself some juice an take a sip. Then I feel eyes on me. I look around the kitchen, cup still in my mouth. As I turn I see Jacob Black Boy in the doorway of the kitchen watching me with an amused expression on his face. He's leaving against the door with his arms crossed, his whole body positioned towards me. I choke on my orange juice and set the cup down. Then I wipe my mouth and look back up at him. He's still standing there all smug.

"What-how long have you been standing there?" I splutter.

"Long enough to make me like you." He says getting off his position on the door an coming closer. He walks over to the fridge an opens it. Then pulls out the pepperoni and eats some too.

"Well obviously you have been standing there long enough to watch me eat that." I say while grabbing the package from his hands and putting it back. "Also it should take a lot to make you like me. I'm not that like able." I add after I close the fridge and stand securely in front of it.

"What you think I'm gonna steal more of your pepperoni?" He asks me tauntingly stepping closer to me.

"Maybe." I blush backing against the fridge.

"Your more like able then you think." He says leaning against the island right across from me. We see standing about 1 foot apart from each other and he's looking into my eyes. I start to blush again. Stop blushing Beau! Your gonna make him think that you like him....oh but maybe you do like him....I think to myself as I slowly smile at my thoughts.

"What are you thinking about that's making you smile so cute?" He asks tauntingly.

"Shut up!" I playfully punch his shoulder and blush deeper. Just then I get a txt.

Yo angel can I come over now? -Bestie

"Who's that?" Jacob Black Boy asks me, reading the txt upside down. I push him away and pull my phone into my chest.

"Only my bestest best friend ever." I answer him and then txt Alec back.

Sure but we got the new ppl over too. 2 guys our age and their dad -Beau

Jacob moves over to stand next to me an starts reading over my shoulder.

"Cut it out!" I say defensively. At the moment he looked, I was describing how I felt about him and his dad an brother.

"Jacob Black?" He grins, amused. Then he chuckles.

"None of your buisness, about what I think of you." I retort, scowling at him. Then I move across from him so I'm at the island and he's at the fridge still.

"Oh it's all of my business of what you think of me. Personally, I think quite highly of you, and I very much fancy you. Now I wanna know if you fancy me as well." He raises his eyebrows at my expression of utter confusion.

"Your so old timey." I eventually say. He jus chuckles and walks back into the living room.

Walking out my door and into yours -Bestie

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