Andrews birthday

John Nesbit, a 18 year old gay guy who gets bullied at school, has the greatest moment ever when he recieves an inventation to the 21st birthday party of his crush Andrew Davids. This birthday, as John expects it to be, is anything but an innocent party, however, Andrew has his reasons for this.

I have made this story because i actually had a crush on a simmiliar hot guy on my school, this are just some of my fantasies, if you liked it please let me know :)

( this story involves bondage, sexual humiliation and some more sexual sadistic stuff, incase you are not a fan, i recommand not to read it. In case you are a fan, i hope you will enjoy :) )


4. The birthday fuckboy

About three hours past, i was removed from my place on the wall, but now i was tied up on a chair, the ropes were covering my chest and i was blindfolded. The chair where i was bound at was in the middle of the couches near the TV. All the guys had a few drinks, mad smalltalk and had a lot of fun when i was in the middle of them bound and blindfolded. Every now and then someone liked it to play with me, there was one who played with the clamps on my nipples, also somebody who drew some more things with a marker on me, i didnt know what but it were probbably swearwords, also someone liked to use the stun gun on me again or to put his foot in my mouth. All guys liked it to play with my dick every now and then, and to be honest that was fucking hot, but nobody has made me cum again. This isnt so bad for a few minutes but they teased me and denied me to cum for over an hour, the pressure in my balls was rising with each second. Andrew and his guests didnt give a shit about me at all, Andrew was unpacking his presents, i hear him laugh a few times but i didnt see what was going on. Suddenly i heard the guys laugh loud " well this some gift, thanks Dean " I heard Andrew say, i didnt see what it was but i was about to find out. " lets try it out on bitchboy over there " one guy said and everyone agreed.

I braced myself for the thing that was comming to me, i didnt know what but knowing these guys it would give a large amount of pain. I increased in breathing as i heard someone taking place on his knees next to me, this was it, another painfull punishment was about to come. However nothing happend for a few seconds, but then i felt something was placed on my dick, i started moaning as it slided down " holy shit " i thought " this feels amazing ". It felt very thight and moist, i think it was a flashjack. I moaned loudly as the guy moved the toy slowly up and down my dick. He got it off for a second, slided it back, got it off and slided it back on. " ahhhh! this feels good " I moaned and i heard the guys chuckle because of that " dont you even dare to cum " I heard Andrew say to me, my smile disappeared with that " please, i am so close " i said and everybody laughed out loud " what a pathetic little bitch " i heard someone say. I sobbed while the guy in front of me kept teasing me with the fleshjack, i couldnt stand it anymore, my balls were about to explode, but everytime i came close, he stopped and everytime my excitment dropped a little he continued.

Josh removed the blindfold for my eyes and i looked at the guy who jacked me off with the toy, i knew him, his name was Frank and he was not such a bad looking guy either. I looked at my dick, it was swollen, red and moist from teasing and overexcitment. " please guys just make me cum, it has been so long " but all the guys laughed and cheered " no!! ". Frank stopped with the flashjack and Andrew came on his hands and knees in front of me, I looked him in his eyes, his dark sadistic but beautiful eyes. " babe come on " Andrew whispered to me on a very dark tone as he came closer to me " do you have any idea how much we like it to see you having pain " he hissed and brought his face to my dick, he pointed his tongue out, and with the very top he touched my balls, and went slowly up to my top. It was a very light touch but it felt amazing. " i just love to torture you like this " Andrew continued as he swirled his tongue around my top " you see, i truely want to keep you here, bound and gagged, you will have no were to go and no one to help you " He chuckled, i started hissing and sweating as Andrew slided his fingers over my cock. " i would invite all my male friends, we shall laugh at you and humiliate you " he said as he kissed my top with his big juicy lips " and we keep teasing you, until you beg me to cum, and you reveal the little whore you are ". Andrew slided his tongue over my cock again, i sobbed, my whole body sweated from pain and madness and so was my dick " Andrew, please i am begging you now " i said with a shaking voice " i want to cum so badly, please just make me do it, PLEASE!! " i screamed. Andrew looked smiling to me " and why should we do that?  " he chuckled " because i have been such a good spitpop to you, i want nothing more to be your slave, please just reward me this one time " i sobbed, Andrew laughed softly " what are you now?  "  he asked " i am a worthless bitch, a slut, your birthday slave " I hissed. " i like your attitude " Andrew chuckled as he took my cock in his hands and started jacking me off " very well then ". With every stroke Andrew made my smile grew in size, i felt my orgasm comming closer and closer " ahhh!! fuck yeah " I moaned as Andrew kept jerking " i am getting close ". Andrew smiled " shoot it in my face again, that was so hot " he said. I laughed out loud as i felt my juice almost shooting out " yes..YES! " I screamed, but then Andrew pulled his hand away "NOO!! PLEASE!! " I screamed to him. Everyone laughed at me and complimented Andrew " no way bitch " he said " i am having way to much fun with seeing you suffer " he said as he patted his hand on my dick one more time. I sobbed with a painfully hard boner and the guys standing around me, lauging and pouring beer over me. " tie him to the table " Andrew said to Josh and Steve.

Josh and Steve grabbed me, laid me on the coffee table in the middle of the room and tied my hands to the table legs with ropes. Andrew came stand next to me, still looking me in my sad eyes, this only seemed to please him. " now you get some real pain " Andrew whispered, Josh and Steve took some lightened candles from the cabinet next to the wall and showed them to me. I started breathing heavy as Josh holded one of the candles above my chest and slowly tilt it, i saw a little pool of hot wax comming closer and closer to the edge of the candle. As soon as a drop hit my chest i narrowed my eyes and hissed from pain. Josh tilt the candle some further and poured a steady stream of hot wax over my body, from my chest to my legs. On the other side Steve did the exact same thing.The rest of the guys were drinking beer and watching me getting scorched, some of them were taking pictures of it. When Josh and Steve had made some more waxtrails over my body, Josh placed the candels back on the cabinet and walked back to the table. Josh was standing on the right side of the table, he bended his face over to my face and kissed me on my lips, i looked confused " what is he up to now? " i thought. Josh looked at Andrew " i cant hold it anymore man " he said " may i please fuck your present " he asked. I widened my eyes, did he really just say that or was the hours of torture and candlewax heat driving me mad. " he is from all of us " Andrew chuckled " go ahead " he said. Josh made a big smile and opened his pants and took his shirt off, whitin seconds he was naked. 

I looked at Josh who stood naked next to me " damn " i thought as i checked him out " i allways thought Andrew was impressive but Josh was pretty big and masculine too ". My eyes went over his chest further down to his abs until they reached his dick. It was fully erectid and around 9 inch, some trimmed pubic hair and his top was dripping precum. I didnt have the time to look at him much longer. Josh grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to him, he aimed his dick on my mouth and pushed it in. I almost chocked when Josh his cock hitted the back of my throat, i had oral sex with guys before so it was no stranger to me, however Josh was way bigger and way more agressive. " suck it " Josh demanded, first i hessitated a little, i allways liked Andrew the most and i didnt want anyone else, but this would be a possition not to think about your love feelings to much, besides, Josh his cock felt pretty good in my mouth. I started sucking him without hassitation, i moved my mouth over Josh his cock as far as i could. When i came up to 7 inches, i gagged, pulled his cock out to catch a breath and continued with sucking. I heard Josh moan high above me as i swirled my tongue around his top in my mouth. " how is he? " i heard Steve ask " man, even Patricia couldnt suck this good " I heard Josh moan, this made me blush, Patricia was Josh his ex girlfriend, and was one of the hottest girls in school. I continued sucking Josh as the rest of the guys drooled at the sight, and all of the sudden, all my previous pain from the hours of torture became pleasure, especially when left of me Steve patted his dick in my face.

I stopped with sucking Josh and turned my attention to Steve his 8 inch cock. Steve patted it on my lips, demanding access, i did as i was told. Steve closed his eyes and slowly breathed out with a moaning tone as he concentrated on me sucking his member. " holy shit your right " Steve moaned. Josh patted his dick on my cheek as i was sucking Steve for a couple of minutes " come on little whore, their are more dicks to please " Josh said, i deffinatly agreed, i started sucking Josh his 9 inch monster again. The rest of the guys watched me suck the two guys, some of them were slowly jerking off. Andrew was in his chair, wrapping over his bulge as he watched me. Josh and Steve came a little closer and pushed both the tops of their hard cocks in my mouth, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the taste and the size of my two torture masters. " you guys taste great " i whispered as i spitted one time on their dicks and my tongue slided over both their tops. And as soon as i thought it couldnt get any better, the rest of the guys came closer, many of them were allready naked and fully hard, some of them were stripping. The guy named Frank was placing himself on the other side of the table near my feet, he laid himself over me, laid on me and started kissing with me, i kissed Frank back with Josh and Steve their cocks in between our lips. " you got some pretty eyes " Frank whispered as he looked at me, it made me blush. Frank pulled back, he lifted up my legs and aimed his dick on my ass. I widened my eyes, i had anal sex before too, but still this was the part i allways was a little worried about, especially because i was bound now. Frank looked at me, he must have seen i was a little nervous " dont worry, i will go easy on you " he said on a soothing tone. Frank pushed his 8 inch dick forward into my ass, i hissed a little as i felt my ass being slowly spreaded open " easy for now at least " Frank smirked and started moving his cock.

I moaned on Josh his cock as Frank moved in my ass, the other guys were standing around me and jerked their dicks, some of them were kissing. Andrew was still in his chair, slowly jerking off, i tried to get a glimps of his cock, but i couldnt see it. Josh and Steve pulled their dicks out of my mouth and another guy came in their place, i didnt know him but he tasted good, he had a nice fat 7.5 inch cock. On the other side of the table i heard Frank moaning loudly " damn Andrew, your present is tight " He hissed, i blushed again and Andrew chuckled, but still he didnt move an inch. I was pretty dissapointed with that, i liked what the guys were doing to me, but i wanted Andrew to fuck me so bad. Frank made some more hard thrusts in my ass before pulling back and allowing someone else to fuck me. " you got to try this Anthony " Frank said to a guy who stood behind him. I looked at Anthony, i knew this guy as well, he was next to Andrew a guy which i had also a little secret crush on, still Andrew was my nr. 1 love but Anthony came very close. He was a 23 year old man, originally from Jamaica, was very tall, almost 2 meters, his body was broad, i could easly fit 2 times in it. I looked down at his cock and gasped softly, it was huge, maybe 10 inch, oh my god, and that was going to fuck me. " if u survive this one, i truely have respect for you John " i heard someone say to me. Anthony placed his body on mine, everyone stepped back to give him some space. Anthony's face reached mine, he kissed me with his big juicy black lips and looked me in the eye. " when you have had me, you will all forget about Andrew " Anthony whispered in my ear, carefully soft. My legs became weak as i looked into Anthony's brown eyes and his beautiful face. He had short frizzy hair and a little beard on his chin. Anthony moved between my legs until his 10 inch cock was aimed good, he braced himself and pushed it in. 

I screamed as Anthony moved his dick in me " your so big " I hissed. Anthony chuckled " or your as is just so small " he said, smiled and cried from the pain of my ass getting stretched out at the same time. After a few painfull thrusts i was a bit used to Anthonys size and rythm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every movement he made in me. " ahhh, man my dick barley fits in " Anthony moaned and everybody chuckled, including me. Anthony moved faster and faster in my ass, his whole body laid on mine, actually i had to breath deep because of this, it was there was like a fully grown tiger on me. Anthony started kissing my chest, my neck and nibbled on my ears before he led his big black lips to my mouth. It was a dream comming true for me, well, that was having a threesome with both Anthony and Andrew. ( i guess i had a weakness for foreign guys ). Everyone around me drooled at the sight and jacked off furiously, still Andrew remaind steady. " ahh, i am cumming " i heard Anthony moan, and after a few thrusts he growled like a lion and shot his cum inside my ass. Anthony catched a breath and pulled back, i recovered as i looked at him whiping the sweat of his head " Anthony you were great " i weakly said, Anthony made an honored smile. I had a few seconds to recover until the rest of the boys came stand around me and jerked their dicks fast " time to make this bitch messy " one guy said, and i couldnt agree more. I closed my eyes and waited for the cum to come, it didnt take long, in a few seconds i felt a stream hit my chin and neck. On my left side another warm shot on my chest and on my abs. I moaned from the feeling of the warm gue falling on me, as i moaned i felt a stream of warm cum fall on my face, and another one on my other side " please cum in my mouth " i desperatly said, which i couldnt believe i said that. But it was too late to turn back, two or three guys released their cum fountains in my mouth, i opened it wide but it was overfloating very fast. " swallow, bitch " i heard Steve say, i closed my mouth and the cum coctail floated down my throat, i made a sour face because it was very salty, but it gave a nice warm feeling in my throat. I smiled from happyness with some threads of cum between my teeth, i felt some more shots fall in my face, and on my chest. After a minute it was over, i opened my eyes and looked at the guys taking a breath.

Andrew had been in his chair all the time, he stood up and walked to me, we kept eyecontact for a second without saying anything. Suddenly Andrew started clapping, then Steve and Josh joined and soon the rest of the guys. I looked confused, were they cheering and applauding for me " what is going on? " I asked, Andrew softly laughed " i gotta say, i am impressed with you " he said, i gave him a not understand look. " you have been tortured, humiliated, bound, laughed at, scorched, got whip smacks, electrocuted and fucked, and still you didnt break a sweat. You never gave in to us, i got quite some respect for that " Andrew said. I blushed and tried my best to hide my smile " err...thanks " i said " so...err...can i go? " i asked as i noticed i was still bound on the table. Andrew smiled " not yet " he said " some thing need to happen, first thing, i am going to fuck you " with that i couldnt hold my smile anymore, he was going to do it, he was really going to " second thing " Andrew continued " you need to loose some cum " he finished. I laughed out from happyness, i couldnt believe it but it was actually happening, my crush was going to fuck me.

Andrew placed himself between my legs and just as Anthony did he bended himself over me. Andrew looked me in my eyes, i completley melted from his warm, sweet and sexy look. He softly stroked his hands over my cheek until the line of my hair " you look so sexy with all that cum on your face " Andrew whispered " you did too " I said to Andrew, it made him chuckle. Andrew didnt waste any time anymore, he aimed his dick and pushed it in my abused but still hungry ass. As soon as his dick was in i cried from happyness, Andrew bended over and started kissing me on my lips passionate as he fucked me, i kissed him back with all the energy i had left. Andrew grabbed my face with his hands and barried his face in to mine, he licked the cum of from my face and we swapped it between our tongues " shit this is hot " i heard one guy say, it was funny, they were close but they sounded so far behind. Andrew wrapped his whole strong warm body over me and pounded his 8 inch cock into my ass. " please Andrew fuck me harder " i hissed into Andrews ear, it made him smile and with that he pounded his cock into me at twice the speed, i screamed from pleasure and joy. " your ass is amazing " Andrew hissed " even after being fucked by Anthony it barley lost shape " he said. " i am... aahh.. enjoy it " i stuttered. Andrew kept thrusting for minutes now, i just loved his stammina, i laid on the table completley worn out and Andrew still fucked this abused body, but after a few thrusts he pulled back, came stand next to me and started jerking " open up " he said, and without hassitation i opened my mouth. A few seconds later a thick, white stream of Andrews warm cum fel into my mouth, and then a second, third and fourth. " wow, that really drained my balls " Andrew said. I still laid motionless on the table, still letting Andrews cum float in my mouth, i wanted to keep his taste. Andrew went on his knees by my dick, took off my cockring that had been on there for hours and started sucking my cock.

Slowly but sureley i felt the heat rising in my body and the pleasure coming back to my long lasting boner. I moaned as Andrew kept sucking and slided my whole 7 inch cock down my throat, who would have guessed that this tough guy would be such a great cock sucker. All the guys were watching at Andrews great sucking skill as he drived me closer and closer to cumming, and then, i felt my body shaking and all the heat gather around my cock parts, i made one last moan and shot my load into Andrews mouth, he purred on my cock as he feeled the warm juice fill him, i shot another shot in his mouth, this time Andrew took my cock out and my third shot was in his face. Andrew came up and looked fully sattisfied to me, he looked so cute again with all that cum on his face. The rest of the boys smiled and complimented me as Josh and Steve untied me. As soon as i was released i stood up and immidiatley received hair strokes, shoulder pats and other compliments from the rest of the guys, i walked to Andrew and kept looking at him for a second. He laid his hand on my shoulder " your a mess " he said, i looked at myself in a mirror on the wall and was in shock, i was covered in sweat and cum, had candlewax, protoine juice, beer, written swearwords and saliva over my body and i still saw the streams from the whipslashes. " you and me are going to take a shower " Andrew said as he laid his arm over my shoulder and led me to his bathroom.

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