Andrews birthday

John Nesbit, a 18 year old gay guy who gets bullied at school, has the greatest moment ever when he recieves an inventation to the 21st birthday party of his crush Andrew Davids. This birthday, as John expects it to be, is anything but an innocent party, however, Andrew has his reasons for this.

I have made this story because i actually had a crush on a simmiliar hot guy on my school, this are just some of my fantasies, if you liked it please let me know :)

( this story involves bondage, sexual humiliation and some more sexual sadistic stuff, incase you are not a fan, i recommand not to read it. In case you are a fan, i hope you will enjoy :) )


2. Andrews birthday slave

I felt my concious coming back, i heard some voices in the distance and my sight became better. I tried to say something but it just came out as humming. After a few seconds my sight became clear and i heard the voices louder. I wanted to move my hands, but i couldnt, i noticed that they were bound behind my back, now i was shocked i shaked my head and concentrated on my eye sight, after a second or two i noticed that i was on my knees, with my hands bound in the middle of around 14 guys who stood in a half circle around me.

" What the hell is going on?! " I shouted and tried to move my hands again, but the ropes holded my hands together tightly behind my back. " oh look, he is awake " one guy said " hey Andrew, your special present is here! " another one shouted. I tried to stand up and walk away, but two strong hands pushed me down " were do you think youre going?! " i heard Josh say on my right. I looked at him, now i saw how tall he was, well i was on my knees so he looked bigger. Josh smirked on a very dirty way to me, i noticed that he had a chain in his hand, i followed the chain with my eyes and saw that i had a dog collar around my neck with two chains on them, Josh was holding one of them, Steve, who stood on my left was holding the other. I breathed heavy as i looked scared to the guys who were smirking and checking me out. I brought my face down, i felt scared and lonley, being all chained up here, but now i noticed something far worse...I was fully naked. I brought my face up again, and felt i was blushing, i tried to hide it, but the guys in front started laughing at me, which made it even worse. Some guys in front of me stepped aside, i looked up to check out what was going on. One extra guy walked into the group, i gasped as i saw who it was.

Andrew crossed his arms and checked me out with the nastyest smile he could possibly make. " 21 is a very special age mate " Josh said to Andrew " so that requirs a very special present " he smirked to me. Andrew made a soft chuckle as he looked at me being chained up and naked in front of all these guys " it wasnt to much trouble i hope " he said, " no, not at all " Steve said " All we had to do was send an inventation to this little bitch " he said. With that all the guys, including Andrew started laughing at me, i lowered my face, i had never felt so sad in my life, how could they do this, what did i ever do to them. It was all a big fraud, all to humilate me, i blinked my eyes a few times and felt like i was going to cry. But then, i felt mad " no " i thought " i am not going to cry, i wont give those nasty fuckers that pleasure " I brought my face up agian and looked mad at my dirty smirking crush " if you want to have me, come and get me " i thought.

Josh and Steve pulled on the chains and dragged me closer to the rest of the guys, i heard " he is so short ", " little hairless bitch " and " worthless little slave "  on my right and left, i tried my best to ignore those words. Josh and Steve pulled me further into the living room, but i refused to take another inch. " come on move it! " Josh shouted as he pulled on the chain but i was firmley holding back, now steve came closer " resisting are we? " he said cruely as i saw he was patting a stick in his hand, i looked closer and saw  that this stick was a cattle prod. I gasped and tried to move away but Steve poked with it in my naked butt, it gave off a small electric shock " awwh " i hissed and moved my ass away " now move it! " Josh said demanding. The rest of the guys were laughing at me as i slowly moved through the room and every now and then Steve poked my ass with the prod. We were in the middle of the living room, there was one couch in the middle, looking at a big TV on the wall, on the left and right were two other couches and around them some chairs. In the middle stood a coffee table and next to it... i narrowed my eyes to see it... it looked like a dog cage. It was around 1.20 meters, pretty large for a dog, but pretty small for me. On the upside of the cage were some small chains with handcuffs on them. Josh opened the door of the cage " get in " he demanded, first i refused, but then i realised that Steve stood behind me with his cattle prod, so i had no choice and quickley crawled in. I was on my knees in the cage while Josh and Steve removed the ropes on my hands and chained me to the handcuffs on the upside of the cage, when i was chained up they closed the door and locked the cage. I looked around me and saw everyone standing around the cage, checking me out and lauging softly. Andrew stood in front of me, i looked at him and saw  that disgusting smirk again on his pretty face. " I am sorry mate, your present can be a bit stubborn " Steve said to him, Andrew chuckled softly " thats okay " he said " I like it when he resists a little " I looked mad at him, i couldnt believe i actually liked him, but Andrew didnt seem to pity me, actually nobody did " Well my friends, my parents are away for a few days " he pronounced to the group " and this bitch isnt going anywhere, nobody is coming to help him, we have him for the entire night, maybe for the whole weekend " he said proudly and all the guys chuckled, while it actually brought a shiver over my spine " who is in for torturing this little bitch?! " he yelled and with that all the guys started screaming " YEAH, WHOOOOH!!" Andrew went on his knees and looked me in the eye " you are going to get it now boy " he chuckled cruely.

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