Antlers ; muke

"Why do you always wear that beanie?"

"To hide my antlers."

Where Michael is a young deer hybrid lost in the woods and Luke is a cocky, loud, inappropriate teenage boy who is apart of a society where hybrids are tolerated.


1. prologue ;

For Luke, it was another ordinary day. Nothing special was aroused. He got up, got dressed, got driven by his mum and dropped off at school. Something every other teenager in his community did in the morning.


For Michael, it was just another day running from his appearance and hiding out in the woods. Michael was a deer hybrid, something you don't come across like you would with a dog or cat hybrid. He had a scrawny figure with light white freckles that covered his pale pasty thighs, shoulders and chubby cheeks. He had a pair of deer ears and pointy white antlers which were almost impossible to hide unless you sawed them down. But that hurt Michael, so he stopped doing that and chose to wear beanies. To top it all off he had a fluffy little deer tail right above his round bum.


To say it simply, Michael despised himself. He hated that he couldn't live a normal life and rather had to scurry to hide behind trees or under piles of leaves so no one caught him.


Until one blond boy in particular spots his tail sticking up from the leaf pile as he was walking home from school.

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