Antlers ; muke

"Why do you always wear that beanie?"

"To hide my antlers."

Where Michael is a young deer hybrid lost in the woods and Luke is a cocky, loud, inappropriate teenage boy who is apart of a society where hybrids are tolerated.


2. chapter one ;

"Have a good day, Hemmings." Luke's Biology teacher called out as the blond boy waved him off and mumbling a small 'bye'.


Luke got the privilege to leave class early since he was walking home today, something he didn't normally do. His mother usually picked him up from school, but his mum was at work so she couldn't and Luke was definitely not taking the bus. He hated it. So he was stuck walking. 


He hummed quietly to himself as he tugged on his backpack straps slung over his broad shoulders, making his way to the office and signing out, exiting the building. 


He headed down to the woods near his school's courtyard, maneuvering his way down the steep hill. He stumbled, dirt falling beneath him before gaining his balance once again and beginning to walk down the trail that lead to his neighborhood. Whenever he had to walk, he always took this trail. His mother said it was a safer way to get home than walking in the streets. 


Michael had been roaming down the same exact trail. His hips swayed lazily side to side, his little tail bouncing with each step he took. He was cautious of his surroundings, not wanting to get caught since he knew about the 'no hybrid policy'. But he was lost and didn't quite know his way out of the town. 


Luke looked at his phone as he continued down the cleared out section of the forest, the silence broken as his phone blasted into his ring tone, his mother calling him. 


Michaels ears twitched and swerved backwards, his eyes widening as he didn't even turn around. He ran to the side, hopping off the trail and diving into a big pile of leaves children must've been playing in earlier.


His breathing was heavy and unsteady, not in the mood to get captured, his body shaking with fear. 


Luke groaned, answering the call and lifting his phone to his ear, clearing his throat before putting a fake smile on his face.


"Hi mum!" He spoke, his mother explaining she would be home even later because she was getting held back at her work. Luke just sighed and shrugged it off.


"Alright, talk later mum. Love you." He ended the call, beginning to walk again. Until he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye. It caught his attention and sparked his curiosity. He walked over towards the leaf pile, slipping his phone back into the pockets of his skinnes as he noticed what seemed to be a .. deer tail? 


Michael didn't know Luke was watching him. 


The blond cocked his head to the side, leaning forward and poking the tail. 


Michael whimpered. It didn't hurt, he was only scared. He shot out of the leaf pile, eyes full of fear. 


Luke swore he had just pissed himself. 


"What the!" He sneered, not expecting something to jump out of the leaves as he stumbled backwards, falling on his bum with a loud cry. 


Michael wanted to dash off into the woods, and that's what he planned to do. He began to run, looking back at the mysterious blond boy, only looking forward again to find himself colliding into the stump of a tree. 


"Ow!" He yelped, hands going to hold his nose which came in contact with the bark the hardest, tears forming in the back of his emerald green eyes. 


Luke quickly stood up, a hand rubbing his bum before he watched as the .. creature held his face in pain. Luke never liked to see anyone in pain. He only now saw that this 'thing' was a hybrid. He thought hybrids weren't aloud. 


He dropped his book bag and jogged over, leaves crunching under his shoes as he reached the boy, setting a firm hand on his shoulder. He was efficiently smaller than him, probably somewhere around 5'6 whereas Luke was 6'1. 


"Are you okay?" Luke asked, Michael snapping his head to the side, antlers almost slicing Luke's neck from how close they were since his beanie had fallen off.


"Please d-don't hurt M-Michael!" He cried, tears rolling down his pale cheeks. Luke was throughly confused. Who was Michael? 


"Who is Michael? Who are you? Why are you here? Hybrids are not accepted here." Luke explained, monotone subtle but stern, multiple questions slipping past his lips.


"M-Michael!" The deer boy shouted, pointing his thumbs in towards his chest. He was Michael. He only spoke in third person since he never really learned or understood proper grammar.


"Michaels scared! Did nothing wrong to you! Don't hurt him!" He whispered, sobbing quietly. He had never come in contact with a human before. He only saw them but has never been this close to one.


Luke's teeth were latched onto his bottom lip, unsure of what to even say.


"Shh, it's okay. I won't hurt you! Promise." He coos, trying to calm the boy down. He wasn't following his mothers orders. She had always told Luke to stay away from hybrids because they were creatures who would end up hurting you. But Luke felt bad since he was the one who technically 'hurt' Michael. 


The black haired boy looked up at the blond innocently, bottom lip quivering as he nodded. 


"Are you okay?" Luke asks.


Michael simply nods with a small sniffle.


"I have to go," the older boy mumbled not wanting to be seen talking to this foreign creature as he turned, leaving the deer boy standing in the woods with a hurt nose. 


"But name! What is p-pretty boys n-name?" Michael called out, his voice shaky. Only now did he realize he had just called Luke 'pretty'. But he had no other words to describe him. 


Luke immediately blushed at what Michael had called him, but replied without hesitation.

"Luke. My name's Luke."


"Bye." Michael mumbled, hand trailing down his antler, seeing Luke hadn't even bothered to say a goodbye. This made him upset. But not like anyone would want to talk to a disgusting hybrid anyways.


; i'm excited about this book omg cx 

oh and michael is going to be sixteen in this book and have black hair. Luke is seventeen c:

Please give feedback! <3

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