Love & Tears

"I hate you!" I screamed at Zayn, taking a step closer and throwing my arms in emphasis as I felt tears inhabit my eyes.

He just didn't seem to get it. I was so frustrated with him at this point.

"You expect me to act like everything is okay but it isn't. I wake up every morning, hoping, praying that you would get it through your thick skull that I am not the one for you!" I shouted in rage.

"Yes you are, Vanessa! Dont talk like that." He yelled back.


I know I can't argue with the fact that I've been in love. I tend to have problem every single time I fall in love. I fall hard and end up broken. I love Zayn and probably always will but we always argue for the stupidest things. Then comes Zac. Zac and Zayn are completely different from one another. I think I might be falling for him. If I pick to stay with one then I lose the other one...

A Story filled with drama, lust, tears, betrayal, and passion.

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Zayn Malik, and Zac Efron


1. P R O L O G U E


I was so relieved knowing I was finally graduating high school. I've been doing an extensive workload all year to graduate and all that hard work is finally paying off.

This afternoon we're having our graduation ceremony.

The ceremony isn't going to start until eight and my heart was already beating fast.

Crystal came over to my house before the ceremony so I could do her hair and get her dolled up.

Crystal has been one of my good friends since primary school and ever since then we have been very close.

I remember the first time I met her. We were in a reading class and our teacher made us choose a partner. Everyone had already been paired up so I was left by myself. I went over to my teacher to tell her there was no one else I could pair up with since everyone else already had a partner. But before I even had a chance to talk to the teacher, I was tapped on the shoulder. I had turned around and saw a girl with two braids on her hair and glasses on her face. She seemed a little shy when I first met her because when she was talking to me she wouldn't stop stuttering.

"Do... Ummm do you have a partner?"


"Would you li-like to be pa-partners?"

And that's how we became friends. Since then we talked and talked and we were inseparable. But she isn't shy at all, she's more outgoing and crazy, something I didn't ever think she'd be.

Crystal was wearing beautiful red dress that reached the floor, with a black and silver sequined belt and neckline. The material crossed behind, revealing her upper back. A split in the dress started at her mid thigh and it was showing off her long legs. The dress came along nicely but her outfit wasn't complete without black heels. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

I was wearing a shorter white dress. It went to my mid thigh and hugged my skin. The thing I loved about the dress was that it made my body look like it had curves. The top was decorated with royal blue colored patterns. One side of the dress dipped down to my mid-calf, the edges royal blue as well. I slipped on a pair of the same colored heels but the look wasn't quite complete yet. The hair and makeup was the last and final touch.

We left to the ceremony soon after we finished getting ready. I drove us both there in my small black car.

Crystal and I entered inside a huge building. I was surprised that our graduation ceremony was settled here. Our school doesn't like spending too much money on things and well this looks like it was a fortune. When we entered I admired the chandelier that was hanging above us.

The couches were pearled white which settled the place quite well and the walls were a navy blue. Everything seemed so sophisticated and expensive.

We headed over to another entrance were the whole ceremony was taking place. I saw so many people talking and laughing. Crystal and I took our seats with the people we were graduating with.

My heart was beating faster than it should have been. The main reason why I was so nervous was because I'm supposed to say a speech to everyone that was here. I've been practising my speech and by now i've mastered it but I'm still skeptical about it. I was just hoping everything was going to turn out okay.

Everyone got seated and the ceremony was about to start. I was the one who was going to start the ceremony. Knowing that at any moment I had to get up my chair and head over to the principle was to talk in front of everyone was nerve taking.

"Now if we can all stand up for our honored soon to be graduate student, Vanessa Hudgens." Right when I heard that my hands became sweaty and my heart started pounding as fast as I could have felt it. I stood up from my chair and everyone was applauding.

I took a deep breathe,"It is an honor to be talking to everyone here. I would like to thank everyone who had taken the time to be here with us in this special day." I paused for a moment to take in the words. "I've known these people since we were little. Were all like family now. Everyone knows everyone. No one here was treated differently. We would all stick up for each other in the bad and good days. I remember that in primary school we all found new friends and we were taught how we need to share and how two times five isn't seven because that was what I thought." Everyone started laughing. "In the intermediate school we were taught higher levels of education. We were also taught about how some reptiles weren't just slimy and gross like I taught they were. In middle school we experienced some good and bad things. Some of us experienced love and others experienced terrible breakups. Middle school was like a rollercoaster where everything was up and down. Then we got to high school. I can honestly say that high school was one of our best experience in our life. These wonderful people you see here next to me taught us that we need to be prepared for life. These people, our teachers, are also like family to us. Without them we wouldn't be here. Without them I wouldn't be making this speech. Thank you for everything you taught us and thank you to our parents and everyone else who believed that we could be able to graduate. Thank you." I took one last deep breath and went over to my seat. Everyone was cheering and applauding right after I was done.

The ceremony lasted about an hour and a half. Crystal and I could barely contain all of our excitement. My hands were still sweaty.

Our principal was calling everyone one by in an alphabetical order by last name. The girl in front of me was next and I could tell she was nervous too because her hands were shaking and she would keep on rubbing her neck. They called her up and gave her the diploma. Oh god I'm next.

"Vanessa Hudgens" I walked slowly up the stairs and towards my principal.

"Congratulations! Good speech"

"Thank you Mr. Kline" I shoked his hand with one hand while grabbing my diploma with the other.

By the time it was over Crystal and I made our rounds, saying goodbye to our friends. We said our farewell to Alyssa first. Alyssa was my closest friend, excluding Crystal, she was always so reliable and trustworthy.

"Hey, congrats! We finally made it!" I spoke as I pulled her into a bone-crushing hug.

"Awww, same to you! I'm so happy for you guys! Great speech Vanessa. You had me in tears. " Alyssa screeched excitedly into my hair.

"Thank you. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't graduate" Agreed Crystal, with a breath of relief.

"So..." Alyssa said as a grin started to grow in her face. "... there's going to be a graduation party at my house and everyone's going to be there. You two included. So I'll see you there, right?" Alyssa raised her eyebrow and Crystal and I giggled and nodded our heads.

With one last hug we said our goodbyes. The rest of my friends and I had similar interactions.

Crystal and I, then, headed to my car. We were headed to my house to change for the party.

We changed into dutiable clothes for the party. Crystal in a tight, toxic orange dress. It was strapless and ended mid thigh. She was wearing a pair of white heels with it making her legs look like they went on for miles.

I was wearing a short aqua dress a sweetheart neckline and flared out a little below my chest. Stepping into a pair of cream heals.

Crystal headed over my fridge. She grabbed two beers and started walking towards me.

"Here" She handed me the beer.

"I can't, I'm driving" She rolled her eyes.

"One won't hurt" I took it and put it on top of the counter near me.

"Party pooper"

"Hey! I don't want to die, do you?"

"Okay fine don't drink it but you're drinking at the party." She said while running towards the car.

We arrived at Alyssa's house around nine o'clock, and the place was already packed. Bodies and plastic red cups were found everywhere. The loud music blared through the house.

Alyssa ran over to us as soon as we made it through the door. It was obvious she was already a little tipsy and the party had just started.

"You guys want something to drink?" Without waiting for us to respond, she turned on her heel and disappeared into the crowd.

A few moments later she reappeared with two red solo-cups in her hands.

"Thanks." Crystal and I said in unison as we grabbed the cups.

I took a sip of the drink and cringed. I never really did favored the taste of beer but, hey, it was a day to celebrate. Might as well make the most of it.

Abruptly, someone bumped into my side and I felt some kind of liquid run down from the front of my dress.

"I'm so sorry," The stranger gasped.

He handed me a few napkins and I snatched them away, "Do you not have eyes or something?"

"I said I was sorry," When I finally look up, I immediately felt heat rise to my cheeks. The guy was hot, in a bad boy kind of way. His eyes were mesmerizing and he seemed quite nervous.

He was wearing a leather jacket but with a dressed up shirt and tie. He had on some ripped tight jeans and white shoes.

"Oh, It's okay," I push out, still drowning in his eyes.

"Are you sure?" He questioned warily. I nodded my head as I feel my eyes tear up a little. Pull it together Vanessa.

"Yeah, it's totally fine," I say clearing my throat. I give him a small smile to assure him it was fine.

"I'm Vanessa by the way." I stutter. I rose up my hand to introduce my self.

"Nice to meet you Vanessa." He smiled and shook my hand. "Im sorry" he continued. With one final apology, he walked away into the party and I sgood there smelling of alcohol with a big stain on my dress.

"Who was that?" I asked Alyssa.

She brought me a few more napkins and sprayed me with perfume.

"That's Zayn. He's so hot but if I were you I would stay away from him. He has a girlfriend, her name is Delilah or something like that." I quickly sneaked a glance in his direction only to find him looking back at me.

Looking away as soon as I could, I took a deep breath. When I looked again he was walking towards me. Oh fuck, he's probably going to tell me to stop staring at him.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked me with an innocent look in his hazel eyes, which now peered down on me with the slightest shimmer.

He held out his hand for me as I stood there debating whether or not to take it. Alyssa did say to stay away from him and he does have a girlfriend. My hand, however, had a brain of its own and placed itself in his. I could have felt my heartbeat pace faster as I stood close to him.

Too late to turn back now.

"Sure," I replied in a small voice, now looking up at, gazing into his honey colored eyes.

His hands gently wrapped around my waist as I rested my hands on his muscular shoulders.

Dancing came easy to me, and apparently easy to him as well, we ended up spending the rest of the night together talking and dancing.

Zayn was laughing at my dumb jokes, which is rare for someone to do when I make a joke, "You're pretty funny." I blushed.


It's been a few weeks since the graduation party Alyssa threw.

Apparently Zayn broke up with Delilah a couple of days after the party. If I'm going to be honest with myself, I was glad he did.

Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it's his hypnotizing eyes, or his charming smile. There was something in him I just couldn't explain it.

I've kept in touch with Zayn through text since the party and today he had made a plan to take us both out to a picnic at the park a few blocks away.

I took around an hour getting ready for this. I'm not sure if he was asking me out on a date, or just a friendly lunch. I tried so hard to look good for today.

Applying my lipstick, I heard the doorbell rang. I ran towards the door and took a deep breath before opening it.

He sent me a charming smile, "Ready?"



I went to Vanessa's house to pick her up. Believe me, I was nervous as hell. I had seen her around town but I was always too shy to say hi to her.

She seemed to turn into something special for me. She was something else, she was absolutely stunning and so down to earth. I've never met a girl like her.

It's better that I'm not dating Delilah anymore. Although, she definitely threw a fit. It was easier to do things now that she wasn't nagging at me and getting so overly jealous.

The party was the first time I really had the nerve to talk to Vanessa. Then I kind of spilled my drink on her. Not exactly the best way to make an impression.

"You look beautiful." I told her while I stood at her door.

"Thanks" She replied with a smile. I grabbed her hand and walked her to my car.

While being on the car, I was careful to keep my eyes on the road and not focus too much on her on our drive to the park.

She blushed. Damn she is so cute when she does that.

The ride was silent until we got to the park, I got out of the car and walked around to Vanessa's side. I opened the door for her and she stepped out.

"You're quite the gentleman, huh?" She smirked.

I chuckled, "Something like that."

I grabbed the basket that was sitting on the backseat and led her to a clear spot surrounded by some trees. I sat it down on the blanket I had previously set up.

We spent the afternoon talking and eating.

"How come I've never seen you around before?" She asked me.

"Not sure. But I've definitely seen you around." I smiled at her.

"What do you mean?" She asked while taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Well I mean, you are incredibly beautiful."

She started blushing. She sat her sandwich down.

"I'm glad I met you at that party, you know." She blushed some more.

I let out a small laugh, "Me too Vanessa."

I looked over and noticed a rose bush beside us. I picked one out and handed to her.

She looked at the rose and smiled, "Thank you." She whispered as she grabbed it and put her nose up to it.

"Vanessa, would you be willing to give me a chance and be my girlfriend?" I blurted out.

She looked as if she was in shock.

I knew I should have waited longer to ask her. I thought while looking down.

"Yes!" She finally said.

My head snapped up. A huge smile crossed my face.

She smiled sweetly, "Of course I will."

I picked her up and twirled her around. "Thank you..." I whispered to her. "...I'll always be with you..." I continued " matter what"

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