Love & Tears

"I hate you!" I screamed at Zayn, taking a step closer and throwing my arms in emphasis as I felt tears inhabit my eyes.

He just didn't seem to get it. I was so frustrated with him at this point.

"You expect me to act like everything is okay but it isn't. I wake up every morning, hoping, praying that you would get it through your thick skull that I am not the one for you!" I shouted in rage.

"Yes you are, Vanessa! Dont talk like that." He yelled back.


I know I can't argue with the fact that I've been in love. I tend to have problem every single time I fall in love. I fall hard and end up broken. I love Zayn and probably always will but we always argue for the stupidest things. Then comes Zac. Zac and Zayn are completely different from one another. I think I might be falling for him. If I pick to stay with one then I lose the other one...

A Story filled with drama, lust, tears, betrayal, and passion.

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Zayn Malik, and Zac Efron


2. 1. Leave



{One year later}


I was sitting on my couch with my phone on my hand. I was re-reading my messages I had with Zayn when we were dating. It brought back so many good memories that it had made me tear up a bit.


It's been a week since our break up. I honestly can say that since we have broken up i've been feeling so empty inside. I don't feel normal. I guess you can say I miss him. I miss him so fucken much.


In the past week I would wake up thinking that Zayn would be right by my side but then realizing he's not.


Knock Knock


I dropped my phone beside me and stood up from the couch. I headed towards the door to see who was knocking. Before opening the door, I whipped the tears off my cheeks with the back of my hand. Once I opened the door I felt like I wanted to tear up again. I felt a huge lump that started to form in my throat.


"Vanessa" The figure in front of me said.


I took a deep breath, "Zayn" I gave him a small smile.


We stood there staring at each other. It wasn't an awkward stare at all. I liked it.


His hazel eyes looked right through me. It seemed like he was trying to read me. To read my thoughts and feelings.


"Do you mind if I come in?"


"Uhh, no. Come in" I open the door wide enough for him to enter. I didn't know if it was right for me to let him come in but I was just hoping everything would be fine.


We both walked to my living room.


He looked around my living room almost admiring some of my belongings.


"I see you bought a new couch" He said while taking a seat on my black couch.


"Not exactly. I just took off the white fabric that was sitting on the couch." I took a seat in front of him.


"Vanessa I think we need to talk."


"Can I offer you something to drink?" I tried to change the subject. I knew he would bring it up again but I was just trying to buy some time. I stood up but he grabbed a hold of my hand.


"Vanessa we need to talk" He repeated again but this time more demanding.


"There's really nothing to talk about. " I went back to the couch to take a seat.


"I think there is. Don't you think I need an explanation" I bit my lip. I didn't know what to say to him.


At that very moment I felt like crying. It made me feel anger. Just the fact that he didn't man up and tell me about her.


"Zayn, like I said there's nothing to talk about." The tone of my voice started to increase.


"Yes there is!" He stood up from the couch looking right down at me. "One day we were all in love and happy and the next day you dump me?! I need an explanation." he continued.


"God" I murmured to myself. "Zayn can you please just leave it how it is. There's no need for an explanation. Honest4ly I broke up with you because I stopped having feelings for you, simple" Oh god, I hate lying to him but he deserves this.


"That's a lie. I know you still love me. I can see it in your eyes" He came in close and sat next to me cupping my face into his hands.

"Zayn stop..." I stood up from the couch.


"I need an explanation"


"Goddammit Zayn I fucken hate you! That's my fucken explanation." I screamed at Zayn, taking a step closer and throwing my arms in emphasis as I felt tears inhabit my eyes.


I was so frustrated with him at this point. I know that what I said isn't true but just realizing why I broke up with him made me hate him.


"You expect me to act like everything is okay between us but how am I supposed to act like I'm okay when you come to my house asking for an explanation."


"Get this through your thick skull, I am not the one for you!" I shouted in rage as I continued.


"Yes you are, Vanessa! Don't talk like that." He yelled back.


"You have no idea how many times I've actually thanked god that I had the chance to finally meet you." Zayn said much more calmer moments later; taking my face lightly between his palms.


I grabbed his wrists and shoved him away. His eyes clouded with hurt as his gaze burned into mine. Guilt started to creep its way through my body. I just shoved it back down.


He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him and I felt his ice cold hands on my waist, making a violent shiver race up my spine.


I could feel his ragged breaths fanning my face. My legs were getting weaker, my heart racing, and my eyes were blossoming with more and more tears.


"I don't care how many times you tell me you hate me." He paused and gazed deep into my eyes. "That you lost your feelings for me. That you don't want to see me anymore because deep down, I know that it's not true, and I know that deep down you know that too."


My hands curled into fists. "Zayn just let me go!" I said through my clenched teeth as I began to pound my fists into his hard chest.


I desperately tried to get out of his grip but he was way too strong. I couldn't keep in my tears any longer, I let them leak down my face.


When he saw me crying he finally let go. I stumbled away from him and composed myself.


"You don't know me Zayn, you think you do, but you don't." I didn't glance at him as I stomped to the wood door and threw it open.


"I want you to leave." I wiped my eyes and looked at the ground. I didn't want to look at him.


I heard his agonizingly slow steps and I could feel his intense gaze on me.


"Look at me straight in the eye and tell me you don't love me anymore." I didn't even dare to look at him.


"I've already told you that I lost my feelings for you now leave!" I told him, I felt like I had enough for the night.


"No say it again" There was a moment of pause and then he continued.


"Look at me and tell me!" He screamed suddenly and continued to look at me for a few seconds. I refrained from flinching.


"Leave." I said in a firm voice after a few seconds. He was pacing now, his shoes clambering across the wooden planks.


"God damn it Vanessa! I fucking love you, okay? I love you" His eyes were daring into mine. It was useless and he realized that before he exited the house with angry stomps.


Slamming the door closed, I stood in front of it and the noise of the door echoed off the empty house. I wanted to open the door and chase after him but I knew that would be a mistake.


I turned and slid down the door with a thump and went into a fetal position, hugging my knees with my face between them.


Tears started streaking down my cheek once again but this time they didn't stop for awhile. I wished I never had met him, that I never fell in love with him, and especially wished I never trusted him.


I lived in a world with so much bullshit, yet I let it get to me. And I hated that.


After what felt like hours, my tears stopped and I lifted my head from my knees and stared at my empty house. I laid on the floor as I let my heavy eyelids drop.


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