Shatter |A . U|

« Shatter [ˈʃætə] : to be broken into fragments; become weak. »
No definition was needed to describe how he played with my soul.


4. Grey.

My whole body aches. I hope I won’t be covered in bruises though. Or how am I supposed to explain that afterwards?

And why does it hurt so much?

I open an eye and all I can see is a dark grey carpet. And a grey wall. That’s all. Moaning from pain, I slowly turn around even though each and every muscle in my body aches like never before. With both eyes hardly open, I distinguish a large window with no curtains. It’s still the night outside.

I can’t find a way to move without wanting to scream all the pain out but I still manage to sit up without a sound.

Then, I slowly stand up and try to walk toward the window.

All I can see from here is the city. Or I can guess its presence. With no streetlamps on, the city looks extremely dark and creepy. I shiver at the view of it.

But there’s a problem. You can only see the city that way when you’re on the hill. And the hill is forbidden. The hill is their home. And no one can be there. So why…?


“Nice view, isn’t it?” a deep voice I remember from earlier echoes in the room. Strange room now that I cautiously look at it. From the ground to the ceiling and even the furniture, everything is grey. Different shades of grey but grey anyway. It looks empty with only a bed, a carpet, a desk and a big chair seeing how large it is.

And on that chair, I recognize the dark figure from earlier. Leaned nonchalantly on the left arm rest, he stares at me without blinking. It’s disturbing.

For what seems to be hours, none of us moves. My heavy breath is the only sound we can hear.

Finally, he smirks and sits up properly on his chair. “Does it hurt?” are the only words he speaks. I nod and point out at him, “What did you do to me?”

A shrug of the shoulders before he answers, “Nothing. I made sure you fell asleep, that’s all. You just move a lot during your sleep.” He laughs while pointing at the ground, where I woke up.


“Who are you?” I change the subject, trying to sound harsh despite the trembling in my voice. Gazing for a few seconds straight into my eyes, he simply replies, “your savior.”

I snort.

I can see him raising an eyebrow and suddenly, he stands up before walking slowly toward me, his hands in his back pockets. “You’ll thank me, one day. Remember it.” And then, he walks around the room at a slow pace and begins to speak, “I’m sure you know this place. It’s not a familiar place but you’re not a foreigner, hence you know who owns it.”

A small silence takes place before he continues, “But I’m not one of them.”

“Who are you then?” I can’t refrain from yelling.

Casually he answers, “I’m one of their sons.”

That’s a nightmare! It means they’re more than just four. What a bad news!

He stops walking, turns toward me and says in an amused voice, “Surprised to know there are more than just four people in your nightmare?” That’s creepy, I think.

“Anyway, you know that no one never goes back in town after coming here?” he keeps on talking and I can only stand here, powerless and feeling my heartbeat increasing. “And you shall be no exception.” His harsh tone freaks me out. “You will never go back in the city; back to your old life. The old you is now dead, is that clear?”

Of course it’s not clear! Of course I disagree; I don’t want that!

“Is that clear?” he repeats now walking in my direction.

I swallow with difficulty before whispering, “It is.” He is so close to me that all I can stare at is his shoes. I don’t want to look up and stare at him. “But you will not die here. I will make sure you stay alive.”

I lift up my head straight away and our gaze meets, his look piercing through my eyes. Without blinking, he adds “I need a partner in crime. We intend on broadening our power over other cities. I will take over another city soon.” As he speaks, he moves closer to me and his hand is stroking my cheeks. “And I can’t rule a city without someone by my side.”


Knock knock.

Loud hits on the door interrupts him and he yells, “Wait a second!” and he lowers his voice to talk to me again, “How exciting does that sound?” And he walks toward the grey door.

“Wait! Who are you?” I’m shaking, my voice is trembling but I need that answer; the only one I think I could receive for now.

A hand on the handle, he turns his head slightly, “My name’s Calum.” And he widely opens the door.



“I knew there was someone you wanted to introduce to us, Calum.”

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