Shatter |A . U|

« Shatter [ˈʃætə] : to be broken into fragments; become weak. »
No definition was needed to describe how he played with my soul.


6. Four.

“Short. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Thin mouth and thin lips.” The tall blonde guy describes me aloud, as if the others couldn’t see from their own eyes. At least I have the certitude he is not blind.

“And guys, look at that boiling anger written all over her face. Lovely,” he chuckles. Short after, the curly boy leaned against the large door snorts. “Angry but scared. Look at her eyes. How come she’s not even shaking?”

What others feeling should I have right now? What are they expecting? The thing is, I want to shake from fear so badly my body doesn’t even seem to know how to do a such thing anymore. It’s like my blood is frozen inside my veins. All I can move are my eyes as I watch the tallest of them pacing around me.


Finally he stops and turns toward Calum, who went to sit back down as if what was happening in his room wasn’t an important matter.

“You wanted to hide her from us, Cal?” Strong and firm voice. Calum rolls his eyes and sighs, “Luke. She’s been there for like 3 hours and she wasn’t even awake! I know you enjoy watching corpse but there was no interest in introducing her sooner!”

Wait… That so called Luke likes what? Oh dear I do not want to even think about it! And… hang on… “You watched me lying down on the ground for 3 hours?” I couldn’t retain myself.

Calum raised his right eyebrow but the curly guy answers, “it’s far from being the creepiest thing Calum does.” They all snort.

So many questions I actually do not want to know the answers to!

Calum keeps on ignoring me and speaks, “Michael you didn’t say anything! Please do!” He looks annoyed by the two others’ behavior.

The last man out of the four of them walks toward Calum and sits down on the arm-rest and, in a low and slow voice, he replies, “I don’t have any particular thing to say. It’s none of my business anyway.”

Calum looks quite happy with that answer. But Michael speaks again, addressing to the two others, “It’s none of YOUR business either. Let him breath. So now, Luke,  Ashton, you both shut up.” Anger appears on Luke’s face but he doesn’t respond meanwhile Ashton doesn’t move an inch, as if he can't even hear a word.


A tensed silence follows his quite efficient speech – short but efficient, for sure. And, as if a problem had just been solved, Michael stands up and walks out of the room without a word.

Luke shakes his head and mumbles, “he always has the last word just because Henry is the main of them.” And he leaves the room too.

Right after Luke’s steps fade away in the corridor, Ashton speaks up, “I can’t wait to see the results of your plan Calum.”

And he leaves, too.


I stand still, not moving from the middle of the room and without knowing what to think of it all. In the meantime, Calum stretches out on his chair and starts to laugh nervously. “I thought they would never leave us alone!” And he stands up quickly, giving a wave with his hand toward the door, which closes abruptly.

Is that supposed to be normal here?

Then, he walks up toward me and whispers, “Just the two of us. Finally.” I can see him getting closer and closer but what can I do? In only a few seconds, I can feel our skins touching and his lips skimming mine. So close yet so far away.

And he abruptly walks away, leaving me there as I start shaking vigorously.

I see him taping on something I can’t distinguish and a large closet opens in front of him as it was hidden in the dark grey-colored wall. He stares at it for a few seconds and pulls out some black clothes before closing the closet.

“Put these on,” he hands the dark clothes to me. I don’t take them.

“Why?” He shakes his head, smirking slightly.

“Have you ever played at being a spy?” No answer. “I’m sure you have seeing our paths crossed in a park after the curfew.” His voice is firm and I know I’m not in the position to argue. Angry, I snatch the clothes from his hands and asks nonchalantly, “where can I change clothes?”

After my question, all he does is walk toward the chair, sits down and leaned on the arm-rest. “You can change clothes here. No big deal actually. From now on, you and I are a couple soon to prevail on an empire. Don’t fuss so much for so little, darling.”


Evil laugh.

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