Shatter |A . U|

« Shatter [ˈʃætə] : to be broken into fragments; become weak. »
No definition was needed to describe how he played with my soul.


2. At dead of night

Dead of night.


Night has that something dangerous; creepy that scares off most of the city. Dark corners, long alleys, forbidden lights. These days, no one dares to go out anymore. It’s not the beginning anymore.


When they first had joined us, they seemed to be like us. They came in separately, integrating themselves in all the different groups in town. No one knew they were together. No one knew they were different. No one expected it.

It took them a month or maybe less to be fully like anyone else. Except they weren’t just like anybody else.

Somehow, power got to them. I don’t know how, I don’t know who gave it to them nor why. It’s like a blur in everybody’s memory every time we try to remember.


Who am I talking about, you ask? The four so-called 'managers' of our town. They chose to fool all of us just to rule everything and everyone, and God knows oh-so well they perfectly managed their mischief.

We can’t name them, just like we can’t see them.

Or those who did see them are not in the right state to talk about it anymore.

Seeing them is a sign you made something bad, something that did not please them and that you’re going to regret it. It’s as simple as that.

Why don’t we remember them though they were among us, you ask? The one who will find the answer to that question will surely be our savior.

Night is our world now. Days are sad, grey, rainy. It has been months since the sun disappeared. So suddenly.

Night is forbidden though. We stopped going out so long ago. We cannot break the curfew. Those who tried knows it too well.



But they didn’t catch me.

Who am I? My name is Scarlett. I grew up in this city and I’ve seen it being transformed into hell, powerless. Now I live in the dark, trying to live as I used to, dreading to get caught but unable to stop.

Night has always been my kingdom even before they were there. Even before it became creepy. Night has never been creepy to me. I have always loved how reassured it has always made me feel. The silence of the town, resting from the daily hustle and bustle, or the sight of the thousand stars rising in the sky. I like that.

They can’t take it away from me. That is my world before it was theirs.

I sit in my usual spot, between two bushes in the back of a park not far from home. Tonight, the sky is not clear and the stars don’t shine as bright as they usually do but I can still distinguish most of them.

That’s enough. I close my eyes and concentrates on what’s around me. The town is silent but darkness is noisy. The sound of the wind weakly echoes on the trees and grass; animals passing by are softly walking around.

But steps on the gravel disturb me. That’s unusual. No one walks here anymore. No one is supposed to walk here. No one is supposed to be there. Not even me.


“How are the stars tonight, Scarlett?” a deep amused voice whispers.

I would have sworn the steps were quite far from me but the breath in my neck makes me realize I was wrong.

Controlling my voice, I answer, “beautiful and sad, as always.”. My heartbeat is increasing and my heart seems to be beating so hard I bet it echoes in the whole town now.

“Beautiful and sad,” the voice repeated as if mocking me. “Just like you, isn’t it?”

And a strong hand grabbed my arm and the stranger raises me up easily.

Face to face, so close to each other, I could feel his warm breath on my forehead. Black hair, dark looking skin in the night, tattooed arm, piercing black eyes. I don’t know him.

He plays with a strand of my face, skimming his hand on my cheek and his lips forming a smirk.

“Beautiful and sad.”



Black out.

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