1945, The Wedding: No longer placing a Little Girl in a /Dark Room. The past is now bringing back memories to several limbs, links opening up wounds that were sealed for years. A tall figure still stands in the shadows grinning at those who pass by. Creatures of the shadows roam the hallways, rooms with nothingness creates an atmosphere, a story like no other . . .


2. CH.2 - Those Left Behind



“After the whiteness faded into darkness, there nothing left except for white noise. This pure essence existed in the television, other devices, and several minds. All faded into darkness, white noise had taken the light with it.”

Tortured, left to for the burial in mind of others. A grave man was left to devour the unfortunate souls below; a temple of a non-existent shape, nowhere near distinguishable. Every effort made to discover a name, a place for this shape was left in vain. A little bird dangled below the floorboards, it creaked the stairwell. Two bright yellow eyes changed into whirls of whiteness.

“A slither here, a slither there, a creature left to be admired, a human left to be in despair.”

These words would not fade into anything except white noise, the fuzziness of each letter stood out in the minds of others. A man with no limbs, back’n’forth on a wooden stool, a chair crept out of the darkness with little effort on explaining how it moved on its own. An inanimate object had changed location by itself. Mysterious, a little odd to say the least.

“Crumble underneath the floor, crumble beneath the sharp claws, all to be covered by kitty paws.”

- THE WEDDING – (Uncut)

Silence emitted throughout the room, nobody could see anything- just the odd few eyes watching as the sky moved around like some kind of cycle. In one hand; a knife, in another somebody’s soul. This event was all beautiful, all so very beautiful to look at. Admiring the scenery that flowed around like a twisted tornado, the clouds puffing up like pastry. The sky swelling up like a serious cut to in somebody’s limbs. A bloody mess laid out all over the floor, the grassy terrain was all grey.

Blackness swallowed the atmosphere, the sky no longer bringing out a shine to their eyes. Several objects in Space that looked a whole lot like our Moon, Sun, and stars! Nothing glowed through the thick fog that pasted itself over the newcomers. The bride stepped up holding together her spinal cord that latched onto a man’s face. Pretty she had been, her eyes no longer where they should be. Just a whole lot of death in each empty void.

“I’d like to thank-you all for coming so soon, for showing your commitment as I will do today.”

Her voice slid out her mouth like a landslide in a snowy area. Ice shards stuck out of her teeth (bleeding gums)- her body held her together quite well. The tall stranger wiped the red paint off the lady. Another lady stepped up to talk, a woman who had missing eyes too. Her long dark hair sprawled out across the grey grass. Nobody watched her for more than a minute, she was like a broken television, always with static and never stopping or freezing in place.

“It’s always a dream of mine, to find the perfect man, to find the perfect family.” She tried to hold back her tears.

Talking in a mysterious voice, the tall man said a few words:

“Empty Eyes.”

Just like that the world vanished into thin air. Nobody was left to applaud their happy relationship; nobody could say a word. Their bodies froze under a thin layer of white ice. Carved into the ceiling was the exact same words that the tall man had stuttered out. Those words faded into a shallow hollow opening, no more could anyone stand up. Nobody could talk, and every single visitor dropped into the frozen white sea.


Underneath the limbs, underneath the bodies of many, beneath the invisible floors; a young girl with no eyes chained to an invisible wall. A barrier of nothingness sealed her in an empty room. Below her pure black oil spills that had mixed into a drying red paint. All of the silver in her jewellery had been washed out. Rusting like mad was her bracelet, a few smudged letters remained. Next to her were five other young girls her age, several of them had other things missing. One missing a hand, the second misplaced her fingers. The third no longer with hair, and the fourth looking more skeletal. The fifth had no eyes, nothing to see with, she only knew there were others around her due to the coughing, the gargling, and the same sounds that she had to hear day-in-day-out.

Little did they all know that two terrors stood out above them, a floor up were two teenagers- a female, a male, and not far away from them was a dying elderly man. A conversation broke out between the two of them, the elderly man fell into a deep sleep while the chains rattled beneath his feet. Outside the windows were layers and layers of skin, all tanning from white to black as the sealed doors were stitched into the walls.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the way he looked at me yesterday.”

“’Yester night,’ remember your words kiddo, I don’t have to remind you that you are here for a great purpose.” He smiled at her.

“Your four fingers, your four toes, those bony hands with daggering claws, does she ever give in?” The woman asked, she couldn’t find it in her heart to ask him again.

“Your main purpose is to find out what it is that they all have in common.” He rattled his chains.

She pushed him back into his seat; “my main PURPOSE is to vanquish you from this realm.”

He smiled as she rigged him up with metal shards, glass shards, and many wiring twisted around his arms. Encased in his seat, trapped not being able to move, the woman smirked a little as she scratched his left kneecap. He continued to laugh like the pain were little flesh wounds.

“You-You can do it, keep going- don’t ever stop.” He giggled out in joy.

“I’d ask you to leave me alone, but you’ll just keep coming back.” She pulled on his cords.


Silence drained out the laughter, the remaining corpse were nothing but limbs. The elderly man awoken from his deep sleep, looking behind him as his left chain pulled him forwards. The woman smiling a little, blood dripped from her bottom lip.

“You’ve changed haven’t you? You’ve formed a bond with a dream caster.” She pulled a chain lodged in his chest.

He screamed a little, a slight breath of relief came out of his stitched up mouth; “Thank you,” he whispered.

“Anytime grandpa, you’ve taken a whole lot of that water, those endless glasses, do you ever feel like the world is devouring you?” She kneeled by his side.

Looking out of the window, he could only see the layers of skin reproducing every second that went by. A heart-like throbbing emitted from the ceiling as he held the woman’s hand. She got a little closer, still kneeling by his side- she smiled a little while the elderly handed her a note.

“-It’s a-a real shame… I could have been more; I could have shown you the world.” He let out a few tears.

“You’ve shown me enough; I now know who I can trust.” She held his hand tightly, rubbing her face off his fingertips.

“No-no, I haven’t done nearly enough, I could have provoked all this from ever happening. I could have stopped you from pulling those cords, I had a chance to end it Me-Lisa.”

Letting go of the chain that was buried deep into the man’s chest, she told him that she could never change for anyone. She tried to sing a soothing dreamy-like song, wanting to put him to sleep. His grin grew to an angle as the woman pulled him near the window. His eyes opened up more, the stitching faded from his two lips. His jaw no longer having a spasm whenever he would speak.

“It’s the world as you wanted it, it’s a sacred place that holds many memories in a single space.”

Coughing up some of his guts; “I never asked for this, I only ever asked for my own little world.”

“This world is yours, Grandpa, it’s yours and mine forged together, it’s our own little place.” She pushed him closer to the window.

“You don’t have to let me be reborn, I don’t want to see the ongoing light that shined through these windows once before. I’ve seen the world, Me-Lisa, I’ve seen it so very clearly.” He cried as the woman sat next to him on a wooden stool.

“If I push you close enough, you could fade Grandpa, it’s all light and dust up there.”

“Dustings, it’s not a place for anyone really, it’s a dream house. All of the dust gathered together down there is wasted space.” He took a deep breath as he stood up.

“You shouldn’t let the world pull you down, Grandpa, that ‘wasted space’ is also our home.” She assisted him, pulling him down back into his seat.

The room started to fade away, the voices broke into silence; leaving the entire space non-existent. Nobody could hear them, the cries below them echoed throughout the floors above. All rooms were locked in place, the walking limbs continued its exploring, it found the girls in a dark room.


All of those trapped in chains, all of those lodged in a single place. Every speck of dust remained near them. The dusty wasted space below and above faded into more dust, all of it spread out across the many floors. The limbs shuffled towards the first little girl, she was whimpering in agony, the limbs dropped to her height.

“You are so very special, you are so very kind, you don’t leave us here like the man who is behind- “

Cutting out her sentence, the limbs expressed its feelings along her body, her face felt the sensation of ‘Home’ calling her back so she could live a happy life. Small droplets of tears dripped off her cheeks, the limbs picked her up as the others watched this blind child be lifted into the air. Not seeing the chains latched around her limbs, the limbs tried to break her free. Soon giving up as it slowly placed her back ever so gently on the ground. Having quite an impact on its heart, the limbs couldn’t feel anything.


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