Edgar Allan Poe Poetry/Tales

I am a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe's work, so I think everyone should be able to enjoy his work.


1. To Start

Before anything, I want you all to know about him if you don't, so I wrote something for a project that I had to do, and I did it about him. So here you go. 

Edgar Allen Poe, “Father of the detective story”, what other name you would like to call him. A poet, a writer, a critic himself. He wrote dark, and was a mysterious man, including his death. This is what made him one of the most famous writers in history.

Poe didn’t have such a good early life.He was born in 1809 on January 19. His father abandoned his family around the year 1810, and his mom died of tuberculosis, a disease that affects the lungs, in 1811, when Poe was 2 years old. One of his brothers, Henry, when to the grandparents, his sister, Rosalie, went to a different family, and Poe went to a foster family. He wasn’t fully adopted though.

John and Frances where the names of the foster parents. Poe and Frances had made such a good bond, yet it wasn’t like that with Poe and John. Since Poe wasn’t big with profits and liked poetry, he always wrote poetry on the back of Allen’s business papers. Once Poe got older, he would have to pay back the profits to the Allan’s.

That's one of the things that troubled him. Poe went to the university of Virginia in 1826, yet that wasn’t enough funds. After that, he tried gambling, yet that put him in debt. Once he got back, he found out something that broke his heart. His neighbor and Fiancee, Elmira Royster, was engaged to another man. Since Poe was Heartbroken and confused, he decided to leave the Allans.

He started a career by joining the military, yet he also published Tamerlane and other Poems in the year 1827 around the same time. He wanted to go to a military academy called West Point, and actually won a spot there in 1830. A year before going there, he published a new collection Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. Once he got there, he was kicked out a year after because of him not doing all of his duties even though he excelled at his studies.

He decided that he was just going to worry about his writing. He started moving around trying to find an opportunity for his writing. After searching for a place, he decided to live with his aunt Maria and her daughter Virginia in Baltimore. After a while Virginia became his love interest and they got married in 1836.

In Richmond, Poe started to work for a magazine in 1835, and placed some of his poetry in it. Yet he left it in 1837 and got addicted to alcohol somehow.

Poe started to feel depression after the loss of Virginia in 1847. He also had poor health and was struggling with finances. He left Richmond and started heading to Philadelphia on the day of September 27, 1849. Yet on October 3, he was in Baltimore and feeling a lot of distress. He was taken to Washington College Hospital to try to save him. His final words on October 7 were “Lord, help my poor soul” and he died. Nobody know what exactly happened to lead to his death though.

His life is what made him write the way he does. He’s dark, yet that’s what made him one of the most popular and well known writers and poets in America, even though his works of art were made longer than a century ago.

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