Lost it all

''He's not evil.
I don't think...''


2. Facade

I take my bag and leave, past my flaming boyfriend. I feel his gaze on my back as I walk through the heavy oak door. A tear slips down my cheek, the red bruising skin stinging. I close the door. My entire face gets short pangs of pain when I breath. I stand looking out from the porch at the world, holding back the urge to sob. The morning light has still not graced the world, it is dark, I'm scared and I'm alone. I walk slowly along the pavement. Blinded by the darkness, I stumble. Amelia's home seems so far away. My phone rings. Piercing the silence of my surroundings with it's cheerful tones. I nervously searched my bag for my phone, letting out a sigh of relief when the screen read Amelia. I make sure to keep my voice steady as I answer ''Hello?''

''You coming out tonight girl?'' Amelia says cheerfully.

''Yeah, why not?'' I answer, ''Wanna go get coffee?''

''Yeah, why not?'' She retorts. ''What time?''

I check my watch. It's five in the morning. Why is she up? ''Now.''

''Got it, want me to come to yours? It'd be nice to see Henry.'' She says his name like it causes a bitter taste on her tongue.

''No it's fine I'll come to yours and we can hang out then go get Starbucks or something.'' I insist.

''Okay.'' She sighs down the phone, ''Let me come meet you on the walk up though.''

''Cool.'' And with that she hangs up to get ready.

I walk the damp streets my footsteps echoing, my heartbeat the only other sound as it hammers in my chest like a time bomb. Every so often I feel like somebody is following me, and twist my head around in paranoia. Birds slowly start awaking the closer I get to Amelia's house. Their song rises gradually until my entire surroundings are filled with their harmonious melody. The sun slowly rises. I see a figure in the distance and smile recognising he bight blue hair Amelia sports. She sees me and runs.

''WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?! I'M GONNA KILL HIM.'' She shouts upon seeing the bruising on my face. I didn't realize it was that bad.

''No, it wasn't Henry! It was me. I was doing boxing yesterday!'' Why am I defending him?

''Since when did you start doing boxing?'' Amelia says sceptically.

''Two weeks ago.'' No I didn't I think I'm a liar. And she'll know.

''Okay sure. Whatever. Lets go get coffee I guess.''


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