You're the new girl at school you suffer from a minor case of depression and is finding it difficult to fit in but then you meet this boy, you become close friends but you don't want things to be serious; will you let bad past relationships with your ex get between you? Or will you tell him the truth and love him for who he is?


8. Without You


Y/n's point of view:

Once I got home my make up had smeared down my face and my eyes were painful and bloodshot. Mum and Dad were asleep so they didn't see me, I spent to rest of the night with my hand held tight over my mouth to make sure I wouldn't wake my parents up to the sound of me crying. The day after I told my mum I was ill so I could skip school, I stared at my ceiling thinking about how much I regretted rejecting Luke. 

Its been a week and my mum no longer believes that I'm ill and is getting suspicious, by now I had made myself a routine; wake up and check my phone for any messages from Luke, have a shower make sure my phone is on full volume, get back into bed and check I my phone regardless if I got a notification or not; watch tv and cry while writing out mile long messages, then realising he doesn't care and delete them again and finally stare at my box on my window sill and try to convince myself that its a bad idea...

On the Thursday of the following week I sat in my room after a long day at school, I sat there running my fingertips over my jeans telling myself that I've stopped and that I'm better i looked up at my window sill for the last time before I stood up and grabbed the blade from the box. I sat on my bed twisting and turning the blade around my fingers; I pressed it to my skin and...

I woke up the next morning and had a shower, they stung and I was already going through a feeling of complete regret and needed someone to fill in the empty gap. I went to school and sat alone in all my lessons, I didn't see Luke except for tutor but he was too busy talking to a group of girls to notice me. My jeans rubbed against my cuts as I walked down the hall to go home and thats when I saw Luke walking in the towards me from the other direction , I immediately started to sort out my hair and adjust my jacket. I had never craved attention like this before, but he took no notice and walked past as if we were never friends, I felt my eyes begin to tear up but managed to keep the pain to myself.



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