You're the new girl at school you suffer from a minor case of depression and is finding it difficult to fit in but then you meet this boy, you become close friends but you don't want things to be serious; will you let bad past relationships with your ex get between you? Or will you tell him the truth and love him for who he is?


9. Unexpected Guest

Two Weeks Ago:

Sydney's point of view:

Ashton sent me a message saying he wanted us to meet alone, I felt my stomach start to tighten, a few seconds later a second message came through to meet at the beach at 8:00.

I got to the beach at 7:40 as I had gotten there quicker than I expected but Ashton was already there waiting dressed in blue denim shorts, sandals and a plain white vest. Once he noticed me he smiled and walked towards me, I blushed as he offered me his hand and we began walking along the waterfront. He then stopped just before we reached the cliff and then started to act really shaken up and uncomfortable. I asked what was wrong but he just smiled and shook his head. I was just about to panic when he finally spoke.

"i've want to tell you something, but... Im not good with words.." I stared at him blankly and then he suddenly pulled me into a hug; he took his finger and slowly began to draw what felt like letters on my back.




He then pulled away and smiled down at the floor, I was so overwhelming that I smiled too and said "I love you too", from the sound of those words a even bigger smile drew over his face and pulled me in and kissed me.

Present day

Y/n's point of view:

I lay in my bed once again after yet another long day of torture, By now I had gotten worse; I had cut almost everyday for the past week and my legs were not looking at their best. Luke is still ignoring me and I haven't been able to talk to Sydney about it as she has been too caught up with her new relationship with Ashton. I had nobody anymore and I felt like the world was now resting on my shoulders. A tear began to fall down my cheek when the door bell suddenly rang; I wiped the tear away and calmed myself in the mirror before making my way down the stairs. I didn't bother looking through the peep hole as I just wanted this to be over and done with, once the door was over I looked up from the ground and saw Luke standing on the third step. His face was red and I didn't get a chance to take it all in before he ran over to me and hugged me. After he let go I stayed stiff for a good minute before realising what had happened and trying to stop my heart from exploding.

"L..Luke wha.what are you doing here" said through a shaken voice.




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