You're the new girl at school you suffer from a minor case of depression and is finding it difficult to fit in but then you meet this boy, you become close friends but you don't want things to be serious; will you let bad past relationships with your ex get between you? Or will you tell him the truth and love him for who he is?


2. The Boys

[y/n]'s point of view:

After class I knew I was going to have to face the lunch hall eventually, once I soon built up the courage to walk in I chose a table in the corner of the canteen away from the mass of people, I then noticed stares from across the diner I quickly glanced over to find a table occupied by four boys and once they had noticed me glaring back they swiftling turned their heads back down towards their meals. I soon felt anxious and walked as fast but as casual as I could out of the hall.

I made my way to the field and found a quiet spot on the grass where I put in my headphones and lay back on the field listening to Greenday. Soon after I felt a shadow cast itself over my face I looked up to find a silhouette. The suns burning light prevented me from identifying the person so I sat up to notice that it was one of the boys from the table, the boy had long dirty blonde hair held in a quiff with gel; I stared endlessly into his mesmerising blue eyes until my train of thought quick started and I blinked uncontrollably.

"Are you alright?" The boy asked fairly concerned,

I replied in a slightly hesitant voice

"Yeah, sorry I just had something in my eyes" I said pretending to blink even more

He growned and sat down by my side

"What I meant was why did you suddenly rush out of the canteen"

"Oh, I didn't realise anybody noticed!" I began twisting my ring like I normally do when I'm uncomfortable.

He must of noticed because he grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes and I couldn't help myself but smile.

He let go and in a soft calming voice said

"I just realised I haven't introduced myself, I'm Luke"he smiled too which made me feel warm inside.

I replied with a simple;

"And mines y/n, its nice to meet you Luke"

Just then the bell for afternoon tutor rang and Luke walked with me to our form, when we got there he came and sat with me but I noticed plenty of displeasing looks from a group of girls in the corner of the room who were sat with the rest of Luke's friends from the table. Luke told me not to worry about them and so I managed to calm myself down and at the end of registration made my way to my next lesson.


At the end of the day I grabbed my bag out my locker and began walking home but got interrupted by a gentle tap on the shoulder I turned around to find Luke standing there with his three friends stood a few meters back.

"Would you like to walk home with me and my mates" he asked and I could tell he seemed pretty desperate

I said "of course" and he smiled before leading me over to the three boys

He introduced me to them starting off with with a boy with gelled brown hair and chocolate brown eyes

"This is Calum, Michael and Ashton"

All three smiled and Michael even gave me a hug, they all seemed friendly enough but Calum was a bit more quiet. On the way home we walked past lots of other groups of students and I didn't get anxious I felt happy and safe and by the time we got to my house I had completely forgotten about the other students and felt comfortable to talk to the boys, I gave them all a big hug and said goodbye but not before exchanging numbers. As soon as the door closed behind me the happiness I felt a moment before began to darken but after thinking about Luke I noticed myself smiling but choked it back before going to my bedroom where I got dressed into my casual skinny jeans and red button down shirt and sat on my bed scrolling through my newsfeeds .

There was a ton of Facebook statuses about a new girl who they described as a "poor attempt of a slut". Tears poured down my cheeks and I called Luke.

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