You're the new girl at school you suffer from a minor case of depression and is finding it difficult to fit in but then you meet this boy, you become close friends but you don't want things to be serious; will you let bad past relationships with your ex get between you? Or will you tell him the truth and love him for who he is?


5. New Friend


Sydneys point of view:

After class I walked home with y/n, I stayed over her house for abit and we talked about ourselves she told me her favourite band was Greenday and I told her mine was All time low. We started talking about the girls at school and I started giggling when y/n pulled a disgusted face when I said they were pretty, I really enjoyed being around her because she made me smile.

Suddenly y/n's phone started vibrating and she answered. When she hung up she told me her friend Luke wanted her to go and meet him and his friends, she asked me to go with her and I smiled and agreed.

Y/n's point of view:

Me and Sydney walked to the park where Luke told us to meet him and the boys, they were in the field playing football and Ashton was running around topless. Once we got over to them the boys introduced themselves to Sydney and I noticed that she seemed pretty nervous around Ashton, I giggled and she blushed at me. Michael gave her a friendly hug while Calum and Luke just said hello.

We then joined in with their game of football, it was me, Luke and Calum against Sydney, Michael and Ashton. Calum and Ashton were in the goals while the rest of us were forward, Sydney was the first to score and Michael and her celebrated with a giant hug, then while they were distracted Luke got hold of the ball and scored easily. 10 minutes into the game the score became 4-3 to the other team by now Michael was now in goal and Ashton was approaching the goal with Sydney not far behind. Luke fell back to support Calum and I went forward and tried to tackle Ashton but failed so I fell back too. Luke and I ran to Ashton and Luke slide tackled the ball from beneath him but hit one of my legs in the  process, I fell ontop of Luke but Ashton carried on going and scored. Ashton, Michael and Sydney cheered and had a big group hug. Meanwhile I tumbled off Luke and we giggled together until Calum came over and told us to get up, Luke stood up first and offered me his hand and pulled me up aswell, I tripped and fell into his chest and giggled, I looked up at him and he gave me the cutest smile. We then heard coughing from across the field and we looked over to see Calum giving Luke a disturbing glare while the rest of boys and Sydney laughing at us. We played on but in the end we still lost 8-4. We congratulated them and decided to go back to Michael's house.



















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