You're the new girl at school you suffer from a minor case of depression and is finding it difficult to fit in but then you meet this boy, you become close friends but you don't want things to be serious; will you let bad past relationships with your ex get between you? Or will you tell him the truth and love him for who he is?


6. Michael's House

Y/n's point of view:

When we got to Michael's we decided to watch some films and order pizza. I sat down on the sofa and Luke sat on one side and Calum on the other. Sydney was sat on the other sofa with Michael and I giggled when she stared at me when Ashton sat next to her. After watching pursuit of happiness for the second time we finally managed to get Ashton to turn on How I met your mother.

After the fifth episode Sydney had gone to sleep and was basically on top of Michael, Ashton was in the kitchen and Luke was laying behind me with his head on my shoulder, while Calum was in Michael's room; he stormed off half way through the first time of watching pursuit of happiness.

I must of fell asleep because I then woke up to Ashton yelling,


And everyone cheering. He was holding several multi-packs of apple cider, a bottle of vodka, some Fosters and he was already drinking a can of Guinness.

"How the hell did you get all of this Ashton" Sydney yawned as she had just woke up as well

He replied with "Well the woman on the cash register was a family friend so she let me buy this without a ID"

Luke and Michael were already up out of the sofas and gulping down a can of Fosters while me and Sydney stared at them in shock.

"Ive never drank before" she mouthed from the other sofa

"Neither" I mouthed back

The boys then came back and joined us with cups of vodka and lemonade and passed us both one. I looked at Sydney and she picked it up and drank while I stared at the cup and watched it fizz. I then felt Luke's hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay y/n?" He asked

"Yeah.. Its just I've never drank before" I said nervously

"If you don't want to don't worry I won't make you"

he smiled and used the hand on my shoulder to pull my head into his chest. I giggled back and picked up the cup and drank.

Soon after we were all in Michael's game room Calum was by now also drinking and Sydney and I were fairly drunk. I could remember the flashing lights from Michael's disco balls blur into one bright light and his music getting louder. Sydney then dragged herself over to me and said Luke was walking over, we laughed and started to dance she then stopped and stared into the corner of the room. I soon saw that she was looking at Ashton dancing. I nudged her and told her to go dance with him but she stepped back and shook her head, I pushed her further and she then began strolling slowly over to him. I giggled and then felt a hand touch my shoulder.

"Luke!" I laughed and was shocked to find Calum.

"Dance with me?" He smirked

I rolled my eyes and laughed "fine, but just one"

He took my hand and we danced in the middle of the room but soon after I noticed that Calum kept glancing over to one side of the room smiled and looked back at me. Once I had finally decided to go see what he was looking at I saw Luke sat on Michael's gamer chair staring at Calum like a hawk. I then looked back at Calum and he was now very close to my face. He then leant in. I pushed my hand into his face and walked towards Luke. I turned back and saw Calum still standing in the middle of the room but giving me and Luke a dirty scowl and then he walked over to Michael who was sat on his sofa drinking out of the bottle. I turned back to Luke and noticed a small smile brighten his face and he stood up took my hands and pulled me closer and danced with me.

We danced for ages and by the end of the night Michael had passed out. But Calum was still sat on the sofa scowling at me. Sydney and Ashton were dancing together like crazy and we were by now listening to Michael's music on a loop. Then the music turned off and the main light was switched on and my eyes started to strain and my legs started to wobbled and the night was over and we were about to make our way home but not before Luke finally leant in and kissed me, he grabbed my neck and I held his waist and it felt like everything around us had slowed down. But I pulled away, I smiled, grabbed Sydney and went home I dropped her at her house and I lay in my bed smiling holding my lower lip and fell asleep dreaming.

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