Twisted Love

Have you ever wondered, what if you date a hot, perfect guy but also a player, well known and a bad boy? what will happened in the end? Will he stay or will he play with other girls? Read more to find out!


3. Hang Out

I woke up at 9:43 am and went down stairs to get some food.

“Momm… whats for breakfa…” before I finished what I said I saw a note on the fridge saying that my mom went to the mall with Pattie and wants to see around so she’ll be back at noon. So i just eat some cereal and watch TV. Not long after that I hear the door bell rang and I rush to open it.

“Waitt…..” I’m pretty sure its mom and she left something at the house “Mom can you buy me a…. ohh Justin. I’m sorry I thought it was my mom”

“Hahah, it’s okay _.” I stood there for seconds with him “uuhh, come in” He sat down on the couch and he made the face again, the confused face.

“What?” He looked at me from my head to toe slowly

“You forget, don’t you?”

“huh?” I was totally lost in this conversation and I suddenly remember “oh my gosh! I’m so sorry is just that I’m used to being home at times like this. I’ll go and get ready”

“Hahaha, it’s okay _. I’ll wait here” He smiled. And I run upstairs and rush to the shower. It took 5 minute for shower, 5 more for make up (well actually just mascara, lip gloss, blush on) and  2 minute for picking what to wear and I finally choose to wear a tank top, shorts, and also a hoodie. I went down stairs and saw Justin was asleep. I smiled and got close to him. For a moment I was just looking at his face and when I was about to touch it Justin woke up. And I was shocked, again.

“Sorry” I move away so that I won’t look too stupid.

“You’re ready?” He asked while he was rubbing his eyes.

“Uh-huh” I put on my vans and walk around with Justin. He showed me all the things I should know. He told me that he likes skateboards and he took me to the place where he and his friends hangs out. And his friends was there. He introduced me to them.

“WOW, Hey you must be _. I’m Ryan and this is Chaz”

“Hi.. um how did you know my name?”

“Justin told us and he talks a lot about you hee.. ughh” Ryan hit Chaz on his stomach and Justin was making the serious face on both of them.

“Hahaha, yea I told them you are my new neighbor” Justin face was totally acting weird but I kept gave the boys a smile.

“Cara’s still at her friends house?”

“Yes. She also said she’s going out of town for this week with her friends ”

They all brought their skateboards and started playing. I was just sitting on the bench and looking at them playing like a fool. When Justin was playing he noticed me getting bored.

“_! Come here” I have nothing to do, so I do what he says. “Can you play?”

“What? Skateboard? No I can’t”

“I’ll teach you” He took my hand and pulled me to his body. I got on his skateboard and he was in front of me and holding my hands.

“No Justin, I can’t. I’ll fall”

“I’ll catch you” this time, his face was serious and his eyes were looking deep into mine. I just nod and he kept holding my hand all the way. He took me to a road that is pretty bumpy and I was scared and my hands were holding his tight cause I don’t wanna fall.

“Justin, I’m going to fall!”

“You won’t, trust me!” We were staring at each others eyes and we didn’t see where we were going. And suddenly there was a rock and we both didn’t saw it coming, so he quickly grab my hips and he fell first to the ground and I was on top of him. I brush my hair off his face and I saw he closed his eyes and he was holding the pain he’s feeling.

“Oh my gosh Justin. I told you”

“ugghh… are you okay?” I don’t know what to say so I just nod my head. I got up and I grabbed him and he finally stood. But after one step he fell. I screamed his name, I was so scared.

“I’m okay… its okay” I put his right hand across my shoulders and both of my hands are around his body. We finally made it back to the skating place. There, Ryan and Chaz helped Justin walked to his house and I was right next to them.

When we were in front  of Justin’s house, Ryan and Chaz went home and I was still with Justin. His mom is still with mine and I asked Justin to pull up his jogger pants and it was bleeding, right under his knees. I really hate seeing blood. Justin was still holding his pain, well that’s what guys do so they would look tough. I took the first aid kit at his kitchen and started to clean his wound, put some medicine and wrapped it up. I took some water for Justin and helped him to get to his room.  It was cool, there were a lot of pictures of him playing music from he was a kid until now. His room is pretty clean for a boy. I knew Justin was tired and I told him to get some rest and 5 minutes later, he fell asleep. I watched him sleep and it doesn’t make me bored at all. When I saw my phone, it was 6:30 pm. So I decided to go home but before I left, I gave him a kiss on his forehead and said “Thank you”.

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