Kissing Stones

Have you ever found yourself dating someone who's lips felt so soft, yet hard at the same time? Kissing stones, thats what my mother would call it. Its the simple act of kissing the start of an amazing yet forbidden relationship. This is what Vanessa and Juan will have to go through to be together.. or not.


1. Trying Hell

 I remember the first time I met him. The first time I saw him just walk by. The first time it all started...


I had lived in New York the past year, going back to Ecuador seemed like a bigger change than I ever expected. I mean it was only a month! what could've changed, right? Getting in the plane back home, all i could think about was going back to my old school and not having to start as an outcast again. That dream was pooped like a ballon in a baby's face, IT WAS IMPOSIBLE! I got rejected, USA and Ecuador had 2 different teaching systems, to get back in my old school I had to get held back a grade. I considered it more than I should believe me. My mom wasn't so into the idea, she made me apply into this Christian school. In Ecuador cool kids don't go there and I was popular! I had to get into a high class, rich kids school. I HAD TO ! Why couldn't my mom understand that. Well let me forward the story for you ! I got accepted into the Christian school.. yay me! *NOOOOT* 


I was forbidden to do absolutely EVERYTHING! I couldn't hug guys for that long, kiss them, party, drink, show skin, ... L-I-V-E! I couldn't live, and on top of that I had to read a Bible. No offense I thought that thing was un-readable. I thought it was in code and only some people could read it. It was maybe even written in latin and how was I supposed to read it. Turns out it was easier than I thought. That was not the worst part of school...Cute guys, that was the worst part of school. I couldn't touch them or kiss them, I even think looking at them was forbidden but the senior class had the best hotties in all school. Now that is a LUCKY ME ! 


We had a senior area, a place where we sat and talked about senior stuff, the usual of course. I was new so girls wanted to be my friend. Besides that I had connections outside of school, and to my surprise I wasn't so new, everyone knew me there. See I told you I was popular. One day at the senior tables a group of girls was dying to know who I thought was cute in 2015 Graduate Class. They said all the names of the cutest and popular guys in our grade, I then added Juan's name. They were shocked. He was a cute looking guy but seemed not so opened and mostly introverted. 


WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME ? I seemed to not be able to get my eyes off of Juan. He was in my 7th period class, and my my he had the cutest smile. I started going to every game he had. Soccer season, Basketball season and even volleyball season. I didn't care if he was just sitting in the bench, I was liking him. Next to me in 7th period sat a really weird girl. Her name was Aleyda - Daniela - Lolita Doesn't Care. Those 3 names and yes the 3rd one is true, well she was weird and she liked Juan. She wasn't really my friend but we did have a rivalry. She made a bet " you won't be able to kiss Juan because he won't do you, he's not like that, If you do he's yours if not BACK OFF". I started to ask myself if the reason his lips suddenly became so irresistible was for the fact that they were out of my league ?


It was Juan's birthday, he had a volleyball match. It ended up pretty late and as always I stayed and watched. After the match I got invited to go eat with them for his birthday. I remember it was a Thursday, and he was 18! Legal age in Ecuador is 18! WHAT WHERE WE DOING GOING TO EAT? I suggested alcohol and hookahs, to which they all agreed and so we did. We went to drink and to smoke, it was a great night. It took me all night to sit right besides Juan. Then someone suggested we pass the smoke. Juan was first and had to pass it on to me... he kissed me. He didn't care about the smoke, our lips where touching! I was speechless, and such a pussy. I stood up without saying a word and went to the bathroom... I MEAN COME ON! WASN'T THIS WHAT I WANTED. But I remember myself looking in the mirror, softly touching my lips while my heart raced. Don't take me wrong I've kissed a lot of guys in my life, who was he different ? I was decided to go ask him why he kissed me so I opened the bathroom door and got pulled out, pushed against a wall, and kissed till i forgot who's air I was breathing. Over the fact that he stole a kiss from me in such a harsh way, he was still so gentle. 


I had kissed my ticket to hell....and I wasn't going to stop. I got addicted to the kiss that singed my destiny a burning ending and I loved it. 

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