Blue Jello, Among Other Things...

Basically a cooler version of the normal diary or journal.


6. 6

So today was our last day of freshman high school! Lemme just say that having gone to a private catholic school for my entire life, public school was an entire new beast, thought way easier. I love homophobic and christian ppl that are like "Oh u precious bby in there with those monsters." Lyke no pls go away. I was bi and barely catholic in that school, public didn't 'corrupt' me, thnk u. 


Anywho, I got a hundred on my English final without even studying. I think I really cheat in English bc to me not only do i read a lot and pick up new vocab but also when i read a sentence the words meaning is just kinda rely obvious. Like the word... i dunno how to describe it, the word just kinda is or does what its meaning is, like it tells me what it means. Idk. 

I also got like a 77 on my Biology which is rlly good bc not many ppl passed. 


So my final grades are: 


Choir = 99

PE = 100

Principles of Human Services (Home Ec) = 100

Biology = 84

English = 86 (would be higher but bc i already know the words i don't do the homework)

Algebra = 71 (suck at math)

Theatre Arts = 98


Happy summer!!!!! :D



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