Blue Jello, Among Other Things...

Basically a cooler version of the normal diary or journal.


4. 4

Three day weekend starting today ^-^

I have to take all my final exams bc of my ISS, ughhhhhh. 

My plant bbys are doing wonderfully and I finally watched the Corpse Bride on Netflix with suggestions from my lovely buttercup to make spaghetti that I now have in my fridge. XD 

I swear I hate everyone and am smol and angry and really a bitch but I'm such a sucker for bae. ;3 :*

ANywho I finished  my fairytale book called "Run Or The Shadows Will Catch You" so go read it and leave a comment or like and such! :D

I gotta go but I might add a few things tonight so check back. 


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