Blue Jello, Among Other Things...

Basically a cooler version of the normal diary or journal.


2. 2

Holy crap 86 views. Either you guys are really interested in my life or you thought this was an actual movella, probably the latter since there aren't any comments, likes, or favorites. :/

Anywho, I passed my Algebra and Biology STAAR tests but I still have to take finals bc I had ISS (In school suspension) which I'd tell you about but it's a long story and none of you care so i'm not wasting strength typing. XD 

I shattered the back of my phone not even like five mins ago so I put a case over it and I'm hoping my dad won't notice or he'll throw a bitch fit and start yelling at meh. ;-;

Civil War was friggen awesome **no spoilers** though its not all heart breaking as everyone makes it out to be. THERE ARE TWO AFTER CREDIT SCENES. So stay for those ^.^


Also I have to let you guys know about this recipe XD

Just tappy tap it in ur thingy and make it bc its so so so amazing 0.0



If I do I'll let you guys know how it goes and MAYBE if I publish it enough people will love it to where I can make it a really popular book and people will like, RP after it idk. 


I love you guys, stay strong! ;3 



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