Blue Jello, Among Other Things...

Basically a cooler version of the normal diary or journal.


1. 1

Okay so quite a few things to get off my chest. XD

#1 Wtf is with the adds (or is it just me?) I'm legit seeing popups everywhere and its pissing me off. 


#2 Have any of you guys talked to Moosey recently?


#3 I'm in HS now, its pretty cool I suppose other than the fact that- gah I'm too lazy to type all this so imma just type one mass summary of my life since I left Movellas.


High school, 9th grade flew by quickly, A's and B's except Algebra. Got my schedule for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Field day tomorrow. Nolan and I are back together, question mark. I need to work on my learners permit. We had a choir concert the day before yesterday and it was awesome. I got amazing new smelling body wash. Went to the grocery store for the first time in like three weeks. Haven't read a single damn book since I started HS I'm so friggen busy. I started a garden which is growing pretty k so far. If and when I have a child I'm naming her Avalon Alexander-Hawk *insert last name here*. Got new bluetooth wireless headphones. Birthday was a few days ago. 15, yes very excitement. Bought all four blade movies, first three were awesome, last one sucked. Finally watched Kingsman Secret Service, was NOT expecting that last part. Uhm what else... Got a bunch of new fancy and cool hand me down clothes that are actually really cute. P sure I did okay on my STAAR tests but I dunno my scores yet. Everyone hates this girl named Jessica bc she tries to get together with a crap ton of guys, we made a thing called club club bc Mak (a school friend) and I (and legit like seven other ppl) all hate her. :/ It was originally HJC Club (Hate Jessica Club Club) then we realized what we did and now we just call it club club. XD Anywho its like 9:45 here and my "bedtime" is 9:00 so I gotta go, love you guys. ^.^


I know my life is sorta boring now but I promise you it'll get more interesting. XD



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