~Bad Boy Grimes/McLoughlin~

Hayley and Michaella are joining a new school, but during a zombie apocalypse but they live in a small place filled with other people and a huge wall surronding them to keep walkers out, but what happends when the catch two boys eyes and the bad boys of the school

Read and Find Out


5. ~DodgeBall~

Michaella's P.O.V

Back to school it was. So me and Hayley walked to school and since Alix liked walking with us to the cafe and that she dicided to tag along. Once we entred the school Alix sayed her goodbyes and walked off towards her class. We walked towards our class when suddenly my back was touching a locker. I looked up seeing blue eyes staring at me and a smirk. I already knew who it was and growled.
"You serious?" I asked.
"Were in P.E love" He said.
"Aww so you had to pin me to a locker and tell me that?" I growled. He chuckled and let go.
"Yeah, its hot when your angry"
Thats when my cheeks flushed pink.
"W..whatever" I said pushing him out the way and walking towards the girls changing room.
"Oyy wait up" I heard Hayley call as she ran up beside me, she noticed my blush and smirked. "Ohh whats the blush for?" She asked. I shoke my head
"N..nothing" I said. She nudged my arm plafully and wriggling her eyebrow, i sigh and give up "okay okay, he called me hot when im angry" I said.
"Haha awww thats adroable" She cooed. I rolled my eyes and headed into the changing rooms with a Hayley thats fangirling because someone called me hot. Geez she wasn't gonna leave me alone with this.


After getting changed we walked out the room and into the gym. The teacher walked up to us and smiled.
"Can you both go get the dogeballs please?" She asked.
"Yeah sure no probelm" Hayley smiled "Were are they?"
"In the boys changing room's dont worry there all out thanks girls" She said walking off to the rest of the class.You had to be joking me, in the boys changing rooms not cool.
"Well lets go" Hayley said walking off and into the boys changing rooms. "Ill get them and you keep a look out k" She said
"Yesssh" I smiled. She nodded and knelt down to pick up the dogeballs from under the benches. As i was look out, the boys changing rooms looked quite tidy copared to the girls changing rooms, and it smelt a little bit of aftershave but not that much that you srart chocking and coughing since half the girls start spraying almost there full can of perfume. It was a little smaller than the girls and they had shower rooms like us even two boys standing there without a shirt on and looked at me....TWO BOYS STANDING THERE WITHOUT A SHIRT ON. I quickly turned round and seen non other than Carl and Jack with there hands on there hips. "H..hayley" I whispred.
"Almost got them" She said.
"H..hayley" I said louder.
"Hold on" She replied
"WHAT" she asked turning round and then her eyes widened seeing Carl and Jack. She banged her head off the benches getting a quiet "Fuck" outta her and standing up rubbing her head.
"What are ya doing in here?" Jack asked.
"We came here to get the dodgeballs" I replied crossing my arms having a slight blush cover my cheeks again as well as Hayley.
"Whats the blush for babe" Carl winked at Hayley.
"S..shut up nothing" She stuttred grabbing some of the dogeballs she got and me collecting the others.
"Heh ill see ya in P.E love" Jack shot a hot smirk at me. I shoke my head and walked out the changing room with Hayley. We never said anything and just put the dogeballs down. wow they actually looked hot...crap why did i say that god dammit. Once they got out they kept smirking at me and Hayley and the teacher began the lession. I was put with Carl yey and Hayley was put with Jack. Heh im gonna have fun trying to hit Jack.
"Ready, 1.2.3 DODGEBALL!!" The teacher yelled and blowing the whistle. Thats when i ran for the ball and picked it up but a set of hands got it as well. I looked up and glared seeing Jack.
"Let go" I demanded
"I had it first you let go" He said. I pulled it towards me
"No i had it first" I grolwed thats when he pulled it toward him and we started to get into an argument but i smirked. "Fine you want it, you can have it!" I said and letting go as he flyed backwards and fell with the ball in his hands. I laughed as he stood up.
"Not cool!" He growled and hit me with the ball. He laughed and yelled "aww your out"
"whaetver" I said walking off and then seeing them getting hut by Carl.
"Your out dude!" Carl yelled.
"awww you suck man" Jack yelled back and stomed out and onto the benches i sat.
"Karma is a right bitch" I laughed. He growled and crossed his arms.
"Shut up"


After that was over i ran over to Hayley as her team one meaning Jack's team one but he was out and hugged her jumping.
"That was awesome!!" I yelled. She laughed.
"I know right haha" She replied. Thats when Jack and Carl walked over to us.
"Well you lost ha how does it feel?" Jack asked crossing his arms.
"I dont care at least i never fell two seconds of the game" I said crossing my arms. Thats when he growled and started to aruge.
"Ugh Carl lets just go!" He finally gave up and walked away with Carl following. I growled
"Hayley Dodgeball" I asked as she flung me a dodegball and i caught it aiming for him and ready to swing but the teacher grabbed my wrist.
"Dont even think about it, thats it, you two detenison" She said.
"WHAT!" I yelled.
"Heyyy what the hell did i do!" Hayley growled.
"You were in this too Hayley now both of you out the gym and into detension NOW!" She ordered. I flung the dodgeball and growled storming away with Hayley. Jack was sooo gonna get this and i swear im gonna get him back.


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