Skinny Love


2. Two

After school, I had to go straight home to babysit Harry and Lauren, not that I really had anything better to do anyway.  My mom was mixing a bottle for Harry when I walked in the door, and instead of greeting me with a hello, i was handed the baby bottle.

"Thanks for babysitting again," she mumbled as she grabbed her car keys. I could tell she hated the position we were in.  My dad had left us when i was around Harry's age, and after many years, she found a new guy. He was fine after she had Lauren, but it was like something in his head snapped after Harry came along.  He packed up a bag and left while we were all sleeping. Didn't leave a note or anything.

"Don't be so stressed mom," i told her as she was about to walk out the door, "everything's gonna work out."

"I know, Ash. Everything always works out," she kissed my cheek before heading out the door. "You can order a pizza for dinner if you want," she called over her shoulder.

I knew that Harry would wake up crying for his bottle soon, so I finished mixing that first. Afterwards, I made Lauren a hotdog, since that's basically all she wants to eat anymore anyway. Once I knew they were awake, I carried their food into the bedroom that they shared and sat their plates on a table. Harry was standing in his crib, waving his little baby arms at me. Lauren's eyes were fixated on the TV, watching some show about talking vegetables.

"You hungry, Laur-Bear?" I ask and she nods without taking her eyes off of the TV. I sigh and hand her the plate, not even trying to avert her attention. "What about you, Har? You want your bottle?" he giggles and I take that as a yes.

He wobbles his arms at me some more, so I lift him out of his crib and hug him close to me.

"What does it matter if I have no friends at school? I have you, little guy, and you're the only friend I need." Harry reaches for his bottle, so I finally hand it to him.

I look at Lauren, who was eating her hotdog and still watching her TV show intently, then to Harry, happily drinking on his bottle. Even if I didn't have much else to live for, I had these two. They were my everything. I knew that they loved me as much as I love them, and that's why I stay.



and that was chapter two. I hope you liked it! 

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