The killer will find you


1. the killer will come and see you

One day there was a girl named Avery and Avery was all outside on a walk but on her walk a car pulled up in front of her and said where do you like to come for hey Ryan I have some candy if you want it Avery said hmmm no thanks then Avery run home The man said good luck finding your mother The man drove away Avery started running straight to her home but when she got there she found her mom bloody mattered in her living room she screamed nooooooooo she checked everywhere to make to hope to think that her mom was still alive. There was nothing she could do she ran back outside her front yard she looked to the left side of the road she saw the man's car they're driving away she went back inside she was so mad that she didn't she went so crazy that she had to be put in a mental hospital and here's the reason why.Avery went back inside grabbed her moms car keys yet and a knife out of the drawer grab some money and went to the store and bought a gun she drove her car and followed the man in the car hoping that you get a chance to kill him of what he done to her mother.she followed the man who his lair she left her phone at home so she can call the cops she wants to handle things in her own hands she followed the guy or the man to his lair what is he do he turned around and saw Avery.

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