The killer will find you


3. finding out who the murderer was

When Avery looked at the murder of the girl you said me she was surprise she was shocked to see that her best friend was the murder Shannon was the murder. Avery said that Shannon how could you do such a thing my mother your mother your second mother you always told me that you love my mom know you did this how could you. With her voice sounding like a drama play and her eyes looking terrified. Shannon said softly Avery I did this for your own safety she was calling to kill you first she never liked you she only like Nolan. Avery said how could you how my going to tell Nolan that his mother is dead live with her father doubt could you Shannon how could you. The look of sadness in her eyes. Since I know I begged my mom and dad to take you and your father never like no and he liked you so on your new sister. Avery said with sadness and fear in her eyes no shut it I will not let you be my sister I don't live with my dad Nolans your brother anymore it's not your brother I want anything to do with anything that's connected to you I don't want to be your friend anymore I am moving school so I have to see you anymore. Chen said Nolan is already agreed to this so has your dad your dad is moving to Florida and there's no choice of you but to stay with me and stay at this one school.every said no I will move to Florida with my dad it takes not going home with you Shannon. Shannon said sit down my child you're not going to be my sister you're going to be my daughter signed the paperwork and everything your dad is running out of money because of 40 foot to have you healed me a ford bread a trip to Florida and a house that's all that to happen. Siri said you're never going to be like my one mom my mom mom loved me I don't care what you say who she liked. Shannon pulled out a video inside sit on this chair take a water and watch this video please. Avery said fine I will only if you're not in the room and I'm alone. Shannon said find your wish is my command. The man put on the video and the man walked away and he was never to be found again. Avery was sitting there watching the video Avery never touch her water Shannon you Her sum food but Avery never touch the food. she watch this video over and over again it was her mom saying she never loved a Avery her mom said she only love knowing her sweet sweet Nolan and had devil devil Avery she never liked. Avery thought in your head that's probably why I do all the chores at home annoying does not. What am I still doing hair I should leave and pack my bag and get ready for Florida. Avery screen Shannon where are you. Shannon never answered for Shannon was gone. You said oh my god my father where's my father I need to get to my father right now is regrout your phone from the table called your dad there was no answer if you call her home phone there was no answer if I called her dad's emergency phone there is one answer ever said dad please tell me if this is you.please shut is out to kill you and. Shannon said so you finally found out you finally figured out that all these matters where me.

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