Demons will never win

This is about 3 kids who find out that 2 of them are 1/2 demon, while the other is a genius. They have to go against Lord Satan and his evil army.


1. Rin

“Really Rin, you've already been to the big box top?” said a boy name Kenta Ace, the big top box is the principal's office, but they like the big box top better. “What did you do this time, it's not even the end of the 2nd class!” Kenta says while he pulls out a piece of paper and a pen.

    “All I was doing was giving Call some payback, considering he very badly needed it. And I think senec I didn't have my sword I think I did pretty good. The only two who didn't like that I beat him up was him and my mom.” Rin says while pretending to be working. Rin is a bad tempered boy who the girls would call him “the bad boy”. Now Kenta Ace would be the worst crime partner for him because he is the goodie-goodie two shoes that every grade has.

    Rin was acting normal until his identical twin, annabeth, comes over and says, “Can't you ever be quiet and good for once?” But before Rin could be able to answer she stormed out of the class. When Kenta looked at Rin he looked like he was trying not to go and punch his twin in the face. Rin turns around to look at Kenta and says, “Girls…. Why do they freak out so much?” Then he started copying Kenta’s paper (that is a normal for Rin to copy off Kenta’s paper).

    Later that day when Rin went home his mom was standing with his sister looking very irritated, but Rin just walked by thinking this time I'm going to get it. Rin looked at his homework and said “Annie can you come here? I want to tell you something.” After no reply he got a little curious and went to her room and looked in and since he has not been in there since he was 6 he looked around and thought he was a little grossed out because it was all girly- like all pink, purple, and blue. Rin looked all over the house but couldn't find his mom or sister so he called Annie's cell, but when she didn't answer he called his mom and he got the same results.

    After a little of some x-box 1 time, actually it was more like a few hours he started getting worried so he called Kenta’s cell and this time he got an answer, “yo, what's going on? You never use your phone.”

    “Listen Kenta, I can't find mom or Annabeth, even our dog is gone, and i'm getting worried.Can you come over?”

“Yah sure, will you copy my homework if i do?”

    “NO- JUST COME OVER.” The last bit Rin yelled because he was getting tired of all this stuff he couldn't figure out.  



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