(Ravie and Winslow are non-existent in this book.) David and Andrea- two totally different people. Both going to the same high school. They become friends but odd and mysterious things begin to happen to both of them. Read to discover how they find out of these strange occurrings and how they overcome them. -Rated P-G13-


1. First Day of School

*By the way, this is all David's point of view*

I walked into what was hell- high school. Hallways were crowded with loud teenage girls and lockers were bombarded with scrawny kids shoved by bullies. I shoved my way through the middle of the sweaty bodies. When I got to Calculus, I sat next to Andrea. Her and I were friends since last year. 

"Hey," I chuckled at her. She was dozing off.

"Hi.." Andrea whispered. "I got zero sleep last night."

I didn't bother asking why because I knew. Her boyfriend, Todd, was an alcoholic. She lives with him because her parents became too much for her. He would come home and would abuse her. "You need to move out." I've told her this before. 

"I can't.. You know I love him.." Andrea frowned.

"I don't know why you do." I shrugged as the teacher walked in. 

*50 minutes later*

Calculus was over and when the bell rang, Andrea darted for the door.

"Andrea, wait!" I rushed after her. "What's wrong?" I looked down at her as I was much taller than she was.

"Here." Andrea handed me her phone before she ran to the girls' bathroom. I scrolled down and saw Todd with another girl at the party he had gone last night. I walked over to the girls' bathroom that Andrea had ran into and waited outside for her. When she came out, I hugged her. I knew what class Todd was in and after this, I was going to give him what he deserved.

Andrea and I parted and I walked to Todd's class- English. My fists continuously clenched and my teeth gritted. I busted through the doors of his classroom and walked over to his desk, grabbing him by his shirt collar and socking him in the face.

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